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Soggy diaper - maternalgiantessSource:

Poor little girl looks like she end up whit a couple of wet accident in the Fabine Christmas diaper when she was out playing. The caretaker dont look so happy about to find out the wet diaper that she have to change now before it starting to leak.

Fabine Christmas Diaper

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The limited version from Fabine. ” Fabine Christmas Diaper”

DiaperReindeer wore a Fabine Christmas Diaper for 3 days straight !

Wanna see a fully loaded fabine diaper? Well here you go…

I decided to give the Fabine diaper a test to see how much and how long it can last. This morning when i woke up the diaper was very heavy a leaked onto my bed when i turned onto my side. Well these diapers are very very expensive so i wanna get the most out of one diaper. I do this to every diaper i wear, trying to get the most out of them before i change myself. ALSO i want to point out in the 3 days i did use the toilet when i was up(sometimes). Most of the wettings was at night time.

This two videos and the above text was created and written by: DiaperReindeer and i most say this was a wet diaper. Good thing that he didn’t get any Diaper rash from wearing this wet diaper for 3 days.

I have not try this limited version Fabine Christmas Diaper. But i have try the Fabine Exclusive version and i can agree that the diaper can absorbing allot of pee.

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Fabine exklusiv christmas edition

Fabine exklusiv christmas edition
Fabine exklusiv christmas edition

Seams like the Buntewindel still sale the Fabine exklusiv christmas edition in the store. I thought this diaper only should be a limited edition over the Christmas time. But i thought a lot of people like the new print so the maybe restock there supply of the diaper. Maybe i should order a pic of this to see how this Christmas edition diaper is compare to the regular version if it is any change on the tape maybe.

If you wont to see some nice pitcher of this diaper you can visit there store or you can find some relay nice pitcher here om Tumblr to that nappycdgavy have post.

Was some weary nice pitcher and he have also take some nice pitcher when he have wetting the Fabine exklusiv 5 times. Some relay nice pitcher of that soggy and thick diaper.