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Devil and his friends peeing – Satuki_rabbit

Yes it sure looks like all off this furry have problem to control there bladders and almost everyone have made a good choice when it comes to wearing protection that can handle if they ends up whit a accident.

Don’t be shy!

Don’t be shy!Draw and everything by Skelbely

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22464622/

Poor boy looks like he is little embarrassed to lying there entirely naked whit a wet soggy diaper blow his butt. But it seems like the boy that is handle the diaper change is use to change diapers on big boys :) So he have nothing to worry about :)

I sure think he is going to be back into some clean and dry diapers in no time :)

Oh no! Mitch caught Aito in the hall and now everyone knows what Aito wears!

Poor Aito it sure looks like everyone have found out Aito secret that he still needs to wear daytime diapers now when Mitch have expose them when he pulled down his pants in front of everyone in the hall.