Babyfur Comic: Ben And Flints Adventure Pt 1

Babyfur Comic: Ben And Flints Adventure Pt 1

Babyfurs in this comic belongs to ethan86 and FlintNightwolf

Draw by Tropicana


Awww looks like ethan86 and FlintNightwolf found a little ladybug during there exploring in the park :)

They sure are pretty exacted about that :)

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TrabalhandoAlfonso and Aline are exploring a non-mapped region for their geography work. Alfonso is a black fox, but gray on the muzzle, on the paws, on the tail and inside the ears. He has brown eyes.. He wears brown glasses, black shirt and gray pants, with two belts in which he puts his tools. He carries a backpack with survival supplies and Aline’s stuff. Aline is a gray raccoon with black mask, stripes and paws. On the forehead, she has a pair of black protection glasses, but regular glasses, which help her black eyes, on the face. She wears a pink scarf around her neck, green pants and a chain that hangs from her pocket. She says that it can be useful someday. She has long hair and a striped tail. The tip of her ears is also black.
Their work consists in mapping a forest area at south from Maritsa, a recently established barter center, in order to certify the place as safe. Since the area was huge, they had gone with a group, which split itself to map the area quicker. Even though Aline had opposed herself to the idea, the majority weights more. The group of ten geographers was then divided in five duos.
The tall trees of the forest echoed with bird sounds, whom sung from afar. The sunlight almost didn’t penetrate through the tree tops, but that didn’t make the heat any more tolerable.
– How can you endure being fully dressed in such a situation? – asked Aline, who was shirtless already.
– Don’t worry about me, friend – says Alfonso. – I’m shy about my body.
Alfonso. was more reserved, but more smiley and relaxed. Aline, however, was always unsure, liked to do things according to the manual, and was vocal when someone fled from the protocol. However, she was the only one in the group who cared about that kind of thing, so she was seldom heard. The exploration manual said that expeditions to unknown places had to be done in groups of five, to increase the chances of survival in case of a disaster. Aline could help, but feel insecure in that situation, even if there was no danger at sight.
– Aline, grab the paper and the feather – says Alfonso., verifying his compass. – Here’s an interesting reference point.
– Of course – says Aline, approaching to Alfonso. and getting the material from the backpack.
Aline sits down and writes the direction they are following, as well as what they are seeing at the moment and the rough distance they are from Maritsa.
– What is the reference point? – she asks.
– This tree – says Alfonso., stroking the tree’s trunk. – It’s thicker than the rest. I bet it’s also the tallest.
He looks up, trying to estimate the tree’s height. It was so tall and the top was so wide that the shade was very dense.
– It’s a little hard to write anything in this darkness – says Aline.
– Stay determined – says Alfonso.
Aline nods and finishes.
– Will we still explore or will we go back? – she asks.
– I still have energy for more few steps – says Alfonso., still fondling the tree. – The wood is different.
– Don’t you think of anything else, but this work? – asks Aline, bothered by the heat and now the darkness too.
– You began doing this some time ago – he says. – What do you want, exactly? Extra credit for college?
– Of course! – she answers. – I want to graduate in history. I have other affinities. I’m offering my services just to get the needed credit.
Alfonso smiles a little, but doesn’t look back at Aline.
– At least, you are honest – he said.
They continued to walk, getting far from the huge tree and going as far as they could.

Draw and everything by Yure16


Looks like this two is out exploring.

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