For Science! (Toony Style)

For Science! (Toony Style)

The toon world is full of wacky scientific principles, some of whom need to be tested! And little o’Corinn here “volunteered” to be one of my test subjects like the good toony dragon he is! ;)

A pic for paradoxdragon

Draw, text and border collie by Diegesis


Poor paradoxdragon i bet he regret his decision now.

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Alien Experiments

 Alien ExperimentsUh oh! Looks like Rex has found himself being examined by a whole bunch of mysterious alien tentacles. He doesnt seem to mind though.

Rex and art by ReXam-1


I bet Rex is hypnotize and that is the reason to way he is not reacting when this mysterious alien tentacles is examining him.

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Depends Super Diaper 1.0 Experiment

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Video uploaded by Baby Mitchy

Wounder how it is to walk around whit this type of diaper on? Most be hard when it is super thick.

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Alien Spanking

Alien Spanking
Alien Spanking

Remi and Sammy  as they always do every afternoon, playing on a basketball court that is close to their home.

Sammy saw that it was getting dark,with  a  little  worry  in  his  voice, he said to his brother:
“It’s  late already  and  getting  dark, dad must be  angry with us! Let’s go home!”

But when they were about to leave, suddenly and out  of  the  blue, a big spaceship had landed in the middle of the basketball  field!

Remi:”Sammy? Do you see what I see?”
Sammy:”I’m out of here!”
Remi:”You’re a coward! Can’t  you see the opportunity we have? Will be the first pups to make contact! We’ll gonna be famous!”
Sammy:”Maybe your stinky bottom will become famous, meanwhile I will save mine!”

But it was too late, the aliens had contacted the pups! And they begin to talk saying:
“Greetings Earthlings!”

Remi:”Hello!What do you want from  us,”

Alien 1:”We just want to ask a few questions!We have found that one of you have been  spanked countless of times, and we want to know this  pup!”

Remi:”Absolutely the most  spanked bottom here  in  this  planet, belongs to my brother Sammy!Here  he  is!”
Sammy:”Remi!Are  you  nuts?Why are you telling those things about me to them?”
Remi:”Shut up! I have everything under control! Trust me,chicken  head!”

Then Remi continued talking  with the alien, and said:
“Why do you want to know? Is  this  an experiment or  something?”

Alien 1:”Affirmative!On our planet, many of our children are disobedient, and we are looking for ways to punish them!We want to know if the spanking is effective, and with form  of  punishment,  we can use them in our children!But first, we want to spank one of you! And so the experiment will be a success!If you give us that information and a volunteer for our experiment, you will remembered  in our planet as a hero!!”

Remi:”No more to say! Here I show  you the most punished  pup  ever,and he will be so  glad to be in  your painful experiment!”

And  Sammy  whispered…”Somebody…help  me…!”

Alien 1:”For your valuable help, now we will use the “spanking” in our own home planet! Come with me Remi,alien 2  will gonna take a souvenir  photo from us! Say  “moon  cheese” to the camera!”

And  again, poor  little Sammy always loses  in  this  one  too!

Lineart  by  Victor/colors/story  by: nelson88

This can you relay say is close contact  for Sammy. Not every day you get spanked by Alien.

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