Not every day i order diapers from EuroDL

Like the title say it is not every day i order diaper from this online shope. But when i visit the shop yesterday i found some new diaper that i would like to see if they are something.  So i send a message to the store owner and ask a cople of questions about this diaper. And he told me this diaper was weary good to use for day time but not something i should use for a night time diaper. The diaper also had a good core that help to protect your skin so you dont end up whit diaper rash. So i decided that i should order 4 IndaSlip Maxi diaper so i can try it before i maybe order a full package of the diaper. It is not so good to order a whole package when you dont know if this diaper is something that you like to wear and use.

Should be nice to see when i receive my order and i would like to thanks the owner of the shop for some nice support that he have.

IndaSlip Maxi

Unique diaper with aloe vera impregnated inner core to protect against rash. Plastic front and back with breathable sides for maximum comfort. High absorption and good fit.

Pack of 14

Maxi 2 Medium – 80-125 cm – 2400ml
Maxi 3 Large – 110-150cm – 3000ml

You find the product here.



My order from euroDL 28-10-2012

My order from euroDL 28-10-2012

Time for my second order from this store. I order this product from this store:

5 pieces of Confort Slip Plastic – An excellent value plastic outer diaper with very good absorbency. 4 adjustable strips, anti-leak barriers, odour management system and anatomically-designed fit.

5 pieces of Serenity Maxi Plastic – Premium European quality at a discount price. Serenity Maxi is a very absorbent nappy with a great fit. It`s leak-proof barrier minimises the risk of side leakage even when worn overnight.

Should be nice to try out this diaper to see how there are. Hope there are good and can handle allot of pee. I hope it is some nice diaper to wear and use.