Funppy Cookie Cutters

Paw Patrol Chase Cookie CutterIf you would like to decorate your cookies in a new new way this Etsy shop that i found could be something for you then.

You can find allot of nice and cute Cookie Cutters in this shop.

Pokemon Pikachu Cookie CutterThis  is my favorite Cookie Cutter :)

It should be awesome to have allot of Pikachu cookies :)

Custom Orders Open: Vinyl Plastic Pants!


Made from a firm feel Clear vinyl (not supple) with reinforced side seams, and tear resistant techniques for a longer lasting plastic pant. These are not discreet pants; they make a good bit of noise! If you are looking for a discreet and more active option, please consider PuL (polyurethane laminated) plastic pants.

Gauge Refers to the thickness of the vinyl. A higher Gauge vinyl will be thicker ( ie 8 gauge is 2x as thick as 4 gauge)

While thicker vinyl is stronger, it is less pliable and louder.

-All sizes are cut to fit around fairly thick diapers.

Leg and waist Band elastic is available is White, Pink, or sea spray blue (turquois blue)


(unstretched – Max stretch)
Waist: 22”-40”
Leg 16”-23”
Rise: 32”
Side Seam Length: 9”
Crotch: 11”

(unstretched – Max stretch)
Waist: 24”-44”
Leg 17”-25”
Rise: 34”
Side Seam Length: 10”
Crotch: 12”

(unstretched – Max stretch)
Waist: 26”-48”
Leg 18”-27”
Rise: 35”
Side Seam Length: 10”
Crotch: 12.5”

Extra Large
(unstretched – Max stretch)
Waist: 26′-52”
Leg 19”-28”
Rise: 36”
Side Seam Length: 11”
Crotch: 14”

You can place the order and found more information on this site:

I maybe decide to place an order lather when i get the money for it. But right now i am kind of low on it.