Piddle Butt

Piddle ButtI guess Ben wasnt paying attention to how full his diaper was getting:p

The dog and text belongs to ethan86

Draw by Bunny-Butt


Awww it sure seems like someone have ended up whit on very soggy and use diaper here. Maybe his mother or caretaker should have check his diaper more frequently. It really seems like you really need to do that to avoid something like this to be happen again.

Bet he sure looks kind of super cute right now :)

Slight Padding Dispute

Slight Padding DisputeLil_Dragon_Draco and Ben having an argument over whos diaper is thicker:P

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Lil_Dragon_Draco and ethan86

Text by ethan86

Draw by BunnyKisses


This is the first time i have seen two furrys arguing over who is wearing the tickers diaper. But two me it looks like both of this diaper seems to be in the same thickness. This thick diaper sure is going to keep this furry s dry for many hours.

Sleepy Sheppy

Sleepy SheppyBen all tuckered out^^

Ben and text by ethan86

Draw by Tipard


Aww looks like Ben have found the perfect resting place. I wish that he going to have some nice and cozy dreams now during his sleep.

Suprise Public Diaper Check

Suprise Public Diaper Check Lisa87 giving me a suprise diaper check in public

Furrys: Lisa87 and ethan86

Draw by Anthropornorphic


Looks like this girl wont to give this husky boy a public diaper check in the store to see if he needs a change.

Ben Reading Motortrend

Ben Reading MotortrendBen reading a motor trend magazine on his iPad after a long days work.

Ben and text by: ethan86

Draw by: Dracky


Looks like Ben is weary relax right now and happy reading the  motor trend magazine on his iPad and wearing that thick comfy diaper.

You look so happy right now :)

Don’t Mind Me

Don't Mind MeJust puttin’ a bottle in ya drawers.

ethan86 of him being perfectly well behaved while SOME GIRL dog harasses him. POOR DOG, gosh.

Male dog: ethan86

Female dog: ??

Draw and text by: Fink


When i see this drawing it remember me of a diaper commercial that i post about a couple of months back. It was a commercial for the Toddler Huggies diaper. Wounder if this girl have watch that commercial to. If she have that she maybe think that she should try the same thing whit ethan86 and empty the baby bottle in the back of his diaper. But it look like he have notes this and it make me wounder what he thinks of that. Maybe he should go and tell his mother what have happen so she could change him into a clean and dry diaper. It is not so comfortable when the back is all wet from the water that was inside the baby bottle that the girl empty in the back of his diaper.

But i most say this is something where cute to see.