Espeon spanking animation

Espeon spanking animationDraw and everything by Spanking649


Aww poor Espeon looks like she have ended up in some sort of spanking machine here.

Wounder how she ended up in this mess :( Poor thing.

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Diaper wearing Espeon

It seems like Espeon know how to keep his bed all clean and dry. His diaper is another story ;)

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GatomonDraw and everything by Spanking649


Poor Gatomon first he receive some massive tickling and when the machine is finish whit that. It moves one to spanking his butt until it has turn completely red from the massive spanking.

Looks like Umbreon that may have invented this special machine seems to like using it. Soon it seems like he have a new subject to test it on.

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Comic: Betty’s Prank

Betty's PrankAlas, poor Sparks takes the blame with a harsh spanking from mother as Betty the Espeon eats all the cookies THIS TIME. This isn’t the first time Betty has gotten others in trouble.

Sparks: pichu90

Espeon: spanking649


Aww poor Sparks Espeon get all the nice and tasty cookies and and Sparks get all the spanking and the red bottom. I hope he find out a way so he can get back at Espeon for putting him in this situation.

Sparks did dent deserve to get this spanking but it was hard for his mother to think about the he have note eat the cookies when she found him whit one in his mouth and a empty box beside him.

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