Anatomy of a spanking

Anatomy of a spanking
Anatomy of a spanking.

I Had a recent request for a helpful chart for placements of spanking strokes for basic discipline spankings. though spankings in essence are a very safe thing as you are striking a very padded area, but its important to know the zones and what sort of risk is there if you strike haphazardly. Always make certain you are paying attention to how hard and where you are striking. You as a spanker you want to bring your spankee to tears…but you do not want to hurt them or cause damage or a situation where outside aid is needed.

There also is a time and a place for a more erotic spanking those which do include the light smacking of genitals and even the very tender of holes, but those are never to be struck unless you have BOTH agreed to do so before hand, and much communication and care in doing so, and should not be apart of a basic, therapy or discipline spanking.

Source for the text and image: created by arkhamsmaddness.

This can be some weary helpful spanking chart that you can use if you decide to spank someone or you wont someone that should spank you how they can do it the right way.


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