The Bondage and Filling Game

The Bondage and Filling Game

Maurauder and Xerry looked at each from either side of the changing table they were restrained to, butt naked. It made no difference how much they did as Sakasha told them, for she had caught them playing with each other’s diapers, when they should have been playing like babies. Their pleas through their pacigags made no difference to Sakasha’s decision. She was going to punish them and rub it right into them. Experience told Xerry that it was going be a lot to endure whenever this dominant chinchilla was in the mood for discipline.

“Your carer tells me you wear a chastity plug” Sakasha remarked to the timber wolf “You Xerry my little red rat, shouldn’t be any different”. There was no mistake on what she was going to do, as she opened a drawer on the changing table and fetched a black silicone chastity case. She reached for Xerry’s groins with one paw and fitted his penis and testicles inside the chastity case with the other paw. With both paws she closed the case shut in place. Xerry cringed as he felt his manliness being sealed off.

“This is going to stop you cumming when you shouldn’t” Sakasha told the trembling rat “But I’m not done yet, you know. Playtime is cancelled for the rest of the day”. Xerry knew too well that a cancelled playtime was always replaced by something else with bondage, punishment and all that jazz. To start the discipline, his girlfriend brought out a thick, pink, plastic spanking paddle along with a jar of vaseline and something else.

As Sakasha went up behind Xerry, Maurauder could see that third item that Sakasha put down was a black silicone butt plug of some kind. “Those lips look a little stiff” remarked the dominatrix “Time to soften them up”. Then she began to spank Xerry with the paddle. The first dozen spanks didn’t make Xerry even flinch, for he was a masochist. Because of his masochistic streak, Sakasha had to really spank him to make him succumb to her dominance. After the twentieth spank, Xerry was beginning to moan was wiggle. Sakasha did not stop there and went on spanking both butt cheeks.

At last when Sakasha had lost count of the spankings, Xerry’s butt was redder than his fur and throbbing. Sakasha got the jar of vaseline and applied it all around Xerry’s sore buttocks and inside his butthole. Then she got the butt plug. Xerry could feel the penetration as the plug was being worked up his anus. But it didn’t stop there. More silicone went up and up and up. Xerry groaned as his bowels were feeling pretty full. Sakasha pushed the widening end of the plug inside and the rim settled in. The plug had a small pen-sized hole and a large toilet roll-sized hole.

Xerry’s legs were shaking as Sakasha unfastened him from the changing table and helped him up on it. “Let’s get you ready before you have a big accident” she chided. The restraints were soon in place with Xerry’s head poking below Maurauder’s face. The two submissive furries looked sympathetically at each other, while Sakasha got to work. Xerry heard the ever-familiar rustling and crinkling of a thick disposable diaper and felt his girlfriend slide it under his sore butt. She left it there, which Xerry knew meant she had other preparations, including the talcum powder, baby oil and baby wipes.

After the soothing sensation around the sensitive areas, Xerry suddenly jolted as he felt his girlfriend clutching his groin area and slide something slick and rubbery up the tip of his penis. She was inserting a catheter inside. That combined with the long butt plug would ensure that Xerry fully used his diaper. Already a few drops of urine were starting to trickle into the padding, so Sakasha quickly pulled the diaper up and securely fastened the wings and tapes to the centre. Then she released Xerry from the changing table, ushered him to the open adult baby crib and lay him down on the smooth plastic covered mattress adorned with Care Bears designs.

On the centre of the mattress were two sets of pink shiny clothes and a pile of spreader bars. Xerry realised that this was one supreme punishment for him and his playmate. Still restrained to the changing table, Maurauder watched in horror as he saw Sakasha lift Xerry’s legs up and start to dress him. Two lengths of pink PVC were being worked up the rat’s legs and tightening around them as they neared the top of his thighs. Those were not clothes he was being dressed into, but some PVC bondage suit for extra tightness.

Next Sakasha proceeded to put on a PVC vest on her boyfriend’s chest. The vest fit quite well around his body and arms. The final piece of the PVC suit was the face mask with holes for the eyes and muzzle. Sakasha had to take off the pacigag as she pulled the mask edges around Xerry’s head. Once the mask was in place, Sakasha replaced and refastened the pacigag. She finished his outfit off with a couple of thick, magenta, rubber mitts on his paws. To make sure that Xerry stayed where he was, the chinchilla attached his left arm and left leg to the crib bars with a couple of spreader bars.

“Now it’s your turn lil’ wolfster” Sakasha said turning her attention to Maurauder. The timber wolf began to tremble. He was not used to the extreme punishments, Xerry received. But as he braced for it, he was totally caught off guard when he felt the spanking paddle land on his buttocks. He tried to cry out through the pacigag as the spanking went on, but Sakasha wasn’t giving him any slack. Maurauder was in tears and squealing from behind the pacifier as stinging hurt right through his butt cheeks. At last Sakasha stopped, reducing Maurauder to sniffles and a throbbing butt.

Maurauder had no time to recover as he felt the vaseline line his back end and a butt plug just like the one used on Xerry, work its way up his butthole. The timber wolf’s tail twitched and stood bolt upright as he felt his insides being squeezed by the long length of the silicone plug. He howled as he felt his butt could explode at any moment. But just as he felt like it could pop a hole in his belly, the wide end of the plug was inside and the rim was nestled into place. Once again this tunnel plug had two different sized holes.

“What a fusspup!” Sakasha scolded him as she unfastened him from the changing table and lay him onto it. Xerry had a good view of his playmate as he was getting the same restraining to the changing table, followed by the diapering, powdering, layer of baby oil and catheter in the penis. Maurauder’s stomach lurched as the catheter was threaded all the way in. “All prepped up and ready” Sakasha said as she fastened the diaper securely on the timber wolf. He was then taken off the changing table, then ushered and pushed right into the crib.

Maurauder panted as he felt Sakasha slip on some PVC tights on his legs. He then turned to look at Xerry, but was immediately jerked upwards by their captor as she put on the PVC shirt and mask (with his pacigag momentarily removed then replaced) and finally a pair of mitts. Sakasha attached Maurauder’s right arm and right leg to the crib bars with the same spreader bars she used on Xerry. Then to complete the bondage, she used five more spreader bars to bind the two big babies’ limbs together. “Mmmm! Such a sissy couple of big babies!” she remarked.

Maurauder groaned and struggled uselessly against his bonds, while Xerry tried to embrace his bondage and wiggled around to get a good feel of it. “You’re not getting out of the crib” Sakasha told them “Babies stay in one place and they certainly don’t touch each other’s diapers”. Maurauder moaned and complained loudly through the pacigag. “What was that?” Sakasha asked pretending to mishear “Is baby sleepy? Is baby hungry? Is baby crampy?”. The truth was that Xerry and Maurauder were all three of these things, but their mistress had a pretty good idea how to take care of them.

Sakasha went off to get some things, leaving the two sissy babies to contemplate their imprisonment. Maurauder wanted to snuggle up against Xerry for comfort, but the spreader bars that attached them together also kept them apart, leaving them with absolutely no close contact. Sakasha had made it clear they were not supposed to play with each other, so this is what she did to naughty babies. Xerry then turned sulky, while Maurauder hung his head in distress. Those plugs had really opened up their rectal passages and they felt like they really needed to take a poop, except that nothing came out – yet.

Finally Sakasha came back and lay a bunch of stuff at the foot of the crib. Much of the stuff looked like shiny plastic bags and rubber tubing. Xerry could see what was coming, while Maurauder was left to wonder what would happen. “If you’re getting all sleepy, this should help you with your nappy naptimes” Sakasha cooed.

Maurauder breathed in and out rapdily. He was scared, not knowing what their mistress mommy would do next. There was a slight tugging at the timber wolf’s pacigag, followed by a popping sound and a crinkling of plastic combined with squeaking of rubber. He thought he could feel with his tongue something sticking inside his mouth, which was not there before, but could not make out what it was.

Sakasha then rounded on Xerry. She carried a feeding bag, full of oatmeal with a tube connected to it. She hung the bag on one side of the crib bars above the red rat. Next she popped open a hatch on the front of the pacigag. With both paws, Sakasha threaded the rubber tube of the feeding bag through the hole in the pacifier and into Xerry’s mouth. “This should keep my poor, hungry babies well fed” Sakasha said in mock sympathy, patting the feeding bag. But she was not ready to turn the valves, she still had their crampiness to take care of.

Xerry recognised the tube in his mouth as a feeding tube, which meant that Sakasha was going to fill his and Maurauder’s bellies up, before they filled their diapers. Sakasha did this to Xerry whenever she felt like reducing him to a newborn, which was pretty much what she was doing to Maurauder in addition to him. But a new feeling of rubber tubing started at left thigh, through the leghole of his diaper and ending somewhere around his bottom. Xerry had a bad feeling about this, even though he couldn’t see what Sakasha just did.

It was now Maurauder’s turn. Sakasha carried the second enema bag full of green liquid and hung it on the side of the crib above Maurauder’s legs. She directed the nozzle of the tube through the right leghole of his diaper and carefully threaded it towards the butt plug and inserted it right into the thin hole above the larger hole of the plug. Maurauder stirred as he felt those little sensations. The butt plugs Sakasha had placed inside the sissy babies were special ones designed to insert enemas right inside them, while allowing them to helplessly and rapidly fill their diapers.

“Okay my pinkies” Sakasha cooed “It’s filling time!”. And with those words she turned the valve on Maurauder’s feeding bag, followed by the valve on his enema bag. Maurauder began to taste some oatmeal pouring into his mouth. Sakasha proceeded to turn the valves of Xerry’s feeding and enema bags. Then Xerry felt the ever-familiar taste of oatmeal filling his cheeks. He knew after eating this stuff, it would work its way quickly into his diaper, for Sakasha had laced laxatives and diuretics into the oatmeal. Sakasha raised the bars of the crib, keeping both babies trapped inside.

Maurauder seemed uncomfortable as he made some hefty swallows to keep up with the input of oatmeal. It distracted him a bit from the tightness of his PVC, diaper and spreader bars, but did nothing to comfort him, despite the sweet taste. Then a new feeling of warmness was filling his tummy, which was beginning to make it bulge outwards a bit. Then he felt the front of his diaper dampen as the catheter was doing its job. Sakasha watched in amusement, and took out her mobile to record footage of the two sissy babies’ predicament for uploading online.

Then discomfort gradually started to increase inside both Xerry and Maurauder. The amount of enema liquid combined with the amount of oatmeal they swallowed were starting to make them feel full. Maurauder wanted to push out the contents out of his butt, but he had completely lost control from the plug. His tummy was beginning to feel like a knot was twisting in his stomach. He squealed as the cramps were worsening inside of him. Xerry also had the same cramps and fullness, but had been trained to endure it. The enema bag must have been a litre, while the feeding bag was at least half a gallon of oatmeal.

Just as Maurauder though he would burst, he heard a sloshing sound as a torrent of poop escaped through the larger plug tube and filling the back of his diaper. At the same time, a hissing sound came from wetting his diaper as well. Maurauder felt kind of sick from the simultaenous enema, feeding, peeing and pooping. Xerry groaned and wiggled his legs and belly to stimulate the flow of his peeing and pooping.

By the time they were also done, the two sissy babies’ bellies were bloated. Audible farts, hisses and sloshing echoed as the mess and wetness in their diapers grew. The enemas and feedings were just about finished, but the output of filling and soaking their diapers didn’t seem to stop. “Helpless little babies love their numnums and poopoos!” Sakasha teased. She could see that their yellow and brown stained diapers were bulging just as much as their bellies. She decided to take care of it.

From the changing table, Sakasha got a couple of diapers larger than the ones she had put on the sissy babies. She unfolded them, slid them under Xerry and Maurauder’s stinky butts and fastened them over the wet and messy diapers. She took care to tape the tailholes around the enema tubes. Sakasha then patted the heavily padded and lumpy padding and began to smoosh the contents around as she mastrubated them. Maurauder wailed and whined as he felt the rubbing in, add to his discomfort. Xerry just grunted. She didn’t allow them to play with their diapers, but she played with their diapers all the time.

“Aww! I know my babies are only feeling half full” Sakasha cooed “So let me help you and then you’ll both feel better before naptime”. Her idea of better suited herself, but meant that the worst was on its way for both Xerry and Maurauder. She went to the storage cupboard and got out two more feeding bags and two more enema bags. She disconnected the empty bags on the crib bars from the tubes, replaced the full ones and activated the valves once again.

More oatmeal and soapy liquid filled the red rat and the timber wolf. More fecal and urinal matter rapidly filled their diapers. “Mama now has some work to do” Sakasha said as she raised the crib bars once more. She went to use her laptop to stream and upload the videos of their predicament. A chorus of plastic crinkling, rubber squeaking, canine whining, rodent groaning, flatulence, hissing and crib bars rattling as the messy punishment continued. Xerry felt this treatment was going to drag on all day. Maurauder wished he hadn’t played with Xerry’s diaper earlier. Soon enough their first diapers would overflow and all the wet and mess would collect into their second ones. Sakasha intended to keep them that way for a couple of days and nights to acquire as much footage and pleasure as she could get.

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Yes it sure seems like this two furry really have ended up in one big of a trouble now.

Tricked into Diapers Chapters 3 and 4

This story is written by tammie2

The next morning, Nancy hurriedly dressed and readied herself for her day. Down the hall, she could hear Lisa getting ready for school. Pausing just long enough to catch a deep breath, Nancy entered Tom’s room and called out to the still sleeping young man.
“Breakfast in five minutes. If you want me to make it for you, you had better put a move on.”
Groggily, Tom opened his eyes and began to sit up. Suddenly he stopped, startled, and peered down at his crotch. He glanced quickly at Nancy before lying back down and pulling the sheet closer to him.
“I think I’ll sleep in today. I’ll eat something later.” He looked cautiously at Nancy, eager for he to leave the room.
“OK, but don’t expect me to make it for you.” Nancy was stern, trying to keep in tune with their strained relationship. “By the way,” she said as she turned to leave, “what’s that smell?”
“I don’t smell anything,” Tom stammered. “Please go away and let me go back to sleep.”
“Your sheet is wet,” Nancy said, adopting a concerned tone. “What’s going on here?” She began walking toward the bed.
Tom looked down, horrified. In his sleepy state, it hadn’t occurred to him that the top sheet would have soaked up some of the urine. A large spot hinted at what Nancy would see below.
Nancy lifted the top sheet up to her nose, sniffed it and then threw it back, repulsed. She glared at Tom’s wet pajamas, secretly smiling at how frightened and confused Tom was.
“I can’t believe it. Your parents didn’t say anything about your bedwetting problem. Here I thought I would be boarding an adult, not a child. Wait until Lisa finds out about this.”
“No! Don’t tell her!” Tom almost shouted, then quickly lowered his voice, afraid that Lisa would hear. “This has never happened before. Really. I promise, it won’t happen again. Just don’t tell Lisa.”
Nancy smiled inside. He was almost begging and it felt good. She had him where she wanted him. She sneered and was pleased as Tom’s eyes grew wide, then softened her expression and spoke to him in an almost motherly tone.
“I’ll tell you what. I’ll think about it. You stay here in your wet bed until Lisa leaves for school, and then we’ll talk. Don’t even think about coming downstairs.”
Tom laid back as Nancy left the room. This was a nightmare. He was extremely uncomfortable. The cold, wet pajamas rode up his crack and stuck to his skin all over. The smell of stale pee was nearly overwhelming. Worst of all, he had no idea what his aunt’s decision would be. He watched the door, waiting and waiting.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the door opened. Nancy came in and sat on a dry section at the end of the bed.
“Here’s the deal—no negotiating. I read once that most little boys wet the bed once while adapting to a new environment, so I’m willing to forgive you this time, but only if things change around here. You must listen to me and obey my orders. No more passes at Lisa. If you fail to live up to this, I tell Lisa about your, uh, episode.”
Tom nodded gleefully. This was better than he thought. Once the sheets were clean, it was his word against his aunt’s. Lisa would believe him any time. His face fell, then, as Nancy continued.
“I know what you’re thinking, so I brought this.” She revealed a camera in one hand. Tom began to panic. “Lisa’s still downstairs, so if you don’t agree I’ll call her right now.”
Tom sighed and nodded again. He was trapped, but figured he would find the pictures later. All he needed was a little time. He laid back on the bed.
Lisa took an entire roll of film, making sure she got close-ups of Tom’s wet crotch and a good view of the entire bed. She made him pose in humiliating, babyish positions. She could feel his humiliation building. When the last shot was taken, she told Tom to get up.
“OK, first order. Get into some dry clothes and wash your sheets and pajamas, then clean your mattress. I’m certainly not going to do it for you.”
With that, Nancy left the room and closed the door, leaving behind a bewildered young man.


Nancy’s plan called for skipping one night, and the time moved slowly for her. She was pleased, though, to see that Tom began resuming some of his old ways by the second day. His rude behavior made her resolve to follow through even stronger.
Finally, it was time again. As the first drops of her pee began to drip into the enema bag, however, Nancy scrunched up her nose, worried. The odor this night was acrid and overwhelming. The longer she peed, the stronger it became. She couldn’t see Tom sleeping through such a stink, but didn’t want to postpone now. Cautiously, nervously, she entered his bedroom.
She didn’t have to worry. Tom’s loud snoring revealed how deep asleep he was. With unconcealed delight, Nancy opened the valve and wet Tom’s bed for him. The room smelled like hell. This time, she knew, he would know what happened without having to peek under the sheets. She wanted to be there when he woke, just to see his face.

This story is written by tammie2

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Tricked into Diapers Chapters 1 and 2

This story is written by tammie2

Nancy sat on the couch and frowned as she watched her friend Sherry nurse her one-year-old baby girl. It had been only a week since Nancy’s 18-year-old nephew Tom had arrived to stay with her while his mother travelled around Europe for the summer, but she was already at her wit’s end. Nancy’s sister was a stern and domineering woman, character traits Nancy lacked, and Tom quickly took advantage of his newfound freedom. He was disrespectful and disobedient, and hadn’t even bothered to look for a job to help support the household. Worst of all, he was getting too close to her 16-year-old daughter Lisa, who seemed to idolize the boy. Nancy had already caught them in some heavy petting; it was only a matter of time before they went even further. Nancy shuddered at the thought.
“I don’t know what to do about him,” she told Sherry. “He doesn’t have any friends around here, so all he does is lounge around the house, insulting me and ignoring all of my threats. I think he’s using Lisa to get to me, and it’s working. The more I try to warn Lisa to stay away, the more time she spends with him. I don’t know where to turn, and he’ll be here for over three more months.”
“It’s a real problem,” Sherry agreed. “It’s a shame they have to grow out of infancy and become so independent.” As she spoke, Sherry tenderly removed her nipple from her sleeping baby’s mouth and wiped away the excess milk. Softly, she rubbed the baby’s back and smiled as she heard the responding burp.
“We’ve got to take drastic action, no matter—” Nancy began, then stopped as she heard Lisa come into the house. If her daughter heard any derogatory remarks about Tom, it would drive her even faster into his arms.
“Oooh, you brought the baby over,” Lisa said happily, readily accepting the infant as Sherry held her aloft. “May I bring her into the kitchen?”
Nancy turned back to Sherry as Lisa left the room with the baby. She was about to resume the conversation when she heard a scream from the kitchen.
“Oh, gross! This is so disgusting!” Lisa said as she hurried back into the room, hold the baby away from her at arm’s length. “She wet her pants and I can feel it through her diaper. Yuck!”
“Lisa, don’t be so silly,” Nancy told her daughter. “Babies can’t control themselves and naturally they’re going to be wet now and then.”
“Well, I don’t care,” Lisa replied with obvious repulsion showing on her face. “Pee is so gross; I don’t want to be near it. I don’t want to even be in the same room as someone who doesn’t know how to use the bathroom. Yuck, yuck, yuck.”
As Nancy watched her daughter rush to the bathroom to wash her hands, an idea came to her. Her eyes lit up as her mind reeled with the possibilities. Turning to Sherry, she could see from her friend’s broad smile that a similar thought had occurred to her. Quietly and excitedly, they began making plans that would change Tom’s life forever.

Nancy turned off the alarm she had set for 3:00 a.m. and stumbled sleepily from her bed. As she tiptoed to the bathroom, she listened carefully to make sure that no one else was awake. Hearing no noise, she sighed with relief, closed the bathroom door and turned on a small night light. Reaching behind a cabinet, she pulled out the enema bag she had hidden there earlier that day. Nancy removed her panties, hiked up her negligee and squatted down on the floor. Positioning the enema bag carefully beneath her, she began to pee into it. A small trickle at first, she began to relax when she saw that her aim was good, and soon a steady, warm stream rushed into the bag. Nancy felt she could go on forever, discharging all of the water and juice she had drunk before bed to assure a full bladder. Soon the bag was near capacity and Nancy stood up before capping it. Now, she thought, the hard part.
Sneaking quietly into Tom’s room, Nancy smiled as she saw him lying on his side, away from the wall. Perfect position. She knew that he was a heavy sleeper but was cautious as she approached the bed. Slowly, she pulled the sheet back from her unsuspecting victim, revealing his light blue pajamas. Nancy held the enema tube next to the sheet beneath Tom’s crotch and opened the valve. Immediately the smell of urine filled her nose, yet Tom slept undisturbed. As the wet spot on the bed grew larger, Nancy moved the tube up to Tom’s leg and finally to his groin. She smirked as the now soaking pjs clung to Tom’s body, revealing the shape of his penis underneath. Smaller than I imagined, she snickered. Soon, the flow of pee stopped and Nancy stepped back to review her work. Perfect. The sheets and Tom’s pajamas were too wet to hide. Silently, she covered her nephew with the top sheet and left the room.
Back in the bedroom, Nancy wrapped the enema bag in plastic and hid it under her bed. She was excited, almost giddy. Although she didn’t think she would settle down enough to sleep, Nancy set her alarm for 7:00 a.m. She was so close to pulling this off, she didn’t want to rely too heavily on Tom’s sound sleeping habits and miss him when he awoke. She snuggled into bed, eagerly awaiting the morning.

This story is written by tammie2

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