The long wait! (gift art)

The long wait! (gift art)Lena and Cheryl were shopping in the store with each of their cubs!And as usual, the cubs was in need of a good diaper change, since they had stayed long enough at the store!All that they needed to do was wait in line to use a special room called “Diaper changing room”!
So while the moms waiting their turn, they began a good conversation about soap operas!But it seems that one of the cubs couldn’t wait anymore …

While Caiden was with his mother patiently as a 3 year old can be, the other cub’s diaper started to leak.

“Momma! Momma! Dat foxy’s diapee is weaking!” interrupted Caiden, who’s own diaper might not have been wet but it sure did smell!

“*Sigh* That’s the last time I buy those cheap store brand diapers.” grunted Lena as she picked up her toddler and took him to the car to change him since the changing room was taking too long.

Cheryl and Caiden and belongs to tugscarebear

Lena and Foxy and belongs to abdl86

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Waiting for a diaper change when you old diaper is already to wet to handle something more is really hard for a cub special if you need to pee again.

CM- Puppyrumps

CM- PuppyrumpsCubs: radix and toyapup

Draw by CuddleHooves


So cute this two cubs looks to be very close to each other :)

This is so sweet.

Baby chu’s poofy diaper

Baby chu's poofy diaperThere’s nothing wrong with to much poof on the rear. .3.
But I don’t think storm is comfortable with you looking at him.
Hes so shy. Poor little guy.

Draw, text and owner by Oshawott222


This is one poofy diaper butt this little blushing Pichu is having. It is hard to not notes a cute diaper butt like he have. This poofy diaper is going to keep him dry for some time before he need a change.

Diaper Whimsicott Clean, Wet And Messy

Diaper Whimsicott Clean

Whimsicott wore diaper and one-piece dress.
…Your diaper is showing :D

Text, Draw and order by wwa


Yes your cute little diaper is showing for everyone that wont to see it.

Diaper Whimsicott Wet

Awww… She has done peeing in diaper :3

Text, Draw and order by wwa


Looks like Whimsicott dont like to show the diaper now any more when it is wet. But Whimsicott you dont need to blushing because you have a wet diaper at least it keep your fluffy stuff dry.

Diaper Whimsicott MessyDraw and order by wwa


Good thing you have you diaper on now that could handle that messy accident from the fluffy stuff.

nekonekodiamata return of wheel of misfortune

nekonekodiamata return of wheel of misfortuneiiiit’s back! and with two more victims for the next season…

Order by NekoNekodiamata

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor pony it seems like they have end up in a very bad situation here. Wounder if they well be able to get a change to escape from this wheel of misfortune?

Shopping day…oh boy!

Shopping day...oh boy!Lisa and Cheryl decided to go shopping  to the store!And they decided to bring with them their little cubs too!They really like in-store specials, good prices and the latest fashion!And among the in-store specials that  they offered, they found one that caught their attention!

Cheryl:”Look at this Lisa!This is what I call a great in-store special!I will take four!”
Lisa:”I’ll take one!This is enough for me!As soon any of my children to do mischief, rest assured that I will use it!”

And in addition to their embarrassing moment, the twins wear a leash like babies!

These cubs will think twice before doing mischief or something naughty!^^

***This happened years before the separation of Matt with his wife!****

Caiden: tugscarebear

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Looks like this cubs mothers need to have some new paddles to use on there cubs butt when they are naughty.