Tony the bear & the pups

Tony the bear & the pups part 1
Tony the bear & the pups part 1.

One night, Tony the  bear was hired by Matt to take care of his pups!Which,  a  very gladly Tony accepted!
“One thing I ask you to do!” Matt recommended!

Tony:”You tell me and I obey!”

Matt:”Never let them  eat sweets at night, and if they do, you have my permission to punish them on their white rear  ends!”

Tony:”Don’t worry, everything will be under my control!”

A  little  later…
And as predicted by Matt, Tony caught them  with their paws  on  the  candy… infraganti!

Tony:”Look what we have here!”
Remi:”Just pretend you have not seen us and everything will be fine!Besides, Christmas is very close and we’re celebrating in advance!So don’t bother us and get lost, bear!”.

Tony the bear & the pups part 2
Tony the bear & the pups part 2.

Tony:”Well, I’ll do what I’m used to do!Your father completely gave me his permission to do this!”

Then, Tony  grabbed the twins, he removed their clothes and diapers first , then took them by the waist and carried them  to the room!But first, Tony  placed the  candy canes between their rear  ends, as part of humiliation and punishment!
Tony:”And  now the  best  part,both  of you will gonna have your asses red and sore!I love my job!”

Tony the bear & the pups part 3
Tony the bear & the pups part 3.

On this part there is not much to talk about … the pic says it all!

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Source for this drawing:

Issa Secret!

Issa Secret!
Issa Secret!.

Issa is going to be a bubblebutt!

Wolf: BabyCyanWolf.

Draw by: lincub.


Yes Issa is going to be a bubblebutt weary soon special whit all this shampoo that Issa have in the diaper now and coming to have. Wounder if she is going to empty all the shampoo in the diaper? Wounder what is going to happen when she wet it? And the most imported thing of all what are the mom is going to say about this when she found out what Issa have bean up to whit the shampoo bottle. Maybe she is going to spank Issa for this or maybe she is going to be place in a corner for a time out?

It should be weary nice to see what happens special whit the shampoo that is inside Issas diaper right now. I bet that should be something to see.



Seems I’ve been turned into a unwilling test subject for a robotic nursery. Complete with a changing table designed to prevent a cub from squirming away or interfering with their diaper change (perfect for those cubs who think they are to old for diapers).

Fox: ace_fox84.

Draw by: catmonkshiro.


Yes it seems like this machine is weary effective when it comes to prevent the cubs from interfering with their diaper change special when it comes to older cubs like this one. It i not good if a cub decide that he should interfere whit the diaper change it can lead to a toasted spanking bottom for the cub. But whit this sort of machine the cub cannot do any thing to stop to be putting back into a clean thick diaper that we know older cubs need to wear so he dont ends up whit any diaper leaks and some wet pajamas and that is not so fun.

I hope that ace_fox84 learn to understand that he needs to wear diapers.

Coming home Wet

Coming home Wet
Coming home Wet.

Beto: “I need a new diaper! :c”

Mom: “ok, sweetie. come to the living room and lay down on the sofa after I get an underpad on it.”

betowolf has moved out of his crib but he still falls behind on potty training, at least for his bladder he has a hard time keeping his pants dry. one beautiful afternoon he was playing in the sandbox with his favorite Tonka trucks role-playing an excavation project when he got carried away with his roleplay. about an our into his play he felt his pants swell and started feeling cold. he thought it wasn’t much until he saw a small leak stain in his jeans. he picked up his tonka toys and came back to the door and dropped his pants calling for his mom to change him.

poor betowolf. it may be a while before he can advance to pullups :<

Characters: betowolf.

art by: wen.


Yes i have to agree whit mom that it going take some time before Beto can advance to  pullups. He needs to have more control over his bladder before he can do that. I only hop that Betos mom is not so hard on him for this. Some boys need to have some more time before they can control there bladders and know when they need to use the potty.

It was a super cute story that betowolf add to this picture. :)

Teddy is mean!

Teddy is mean!
Teddy is mean!.

I just found it in the grass and wanted to return it to the owner.

I guess it finds its own owners.

Marksy: Marksy.

Draw by: Kalida


Awww this is so cute and i guess thats Marksy have right the Teddy bear have found a new owner that he have turn into a new baby and i think it is sweet. I should love to find a teddy like that and i think other whit me think the same way. Marksy look so cute when he try to hide the face behind the teddy bear that he have in his arms the only thing that he need right now to spice things up is a pacifier that should make him even more sweet. And i dont think this is a mean teddy bear only a weary lonely one that wont to find a cub that he can cuddling whit. That is what teddy bears like to do and that is what a cub like to do when they found something soft and cozy.

What do you think? Is this a mean teddy or a nice teddy?

The Foxy brand

The Foxy brand
The Foxy brand.

A new sort of diaper brand that shows Foxys face on the diaper front blushing and sucking on a pacifier thats he loves to do thats way he is blushing that match. That he dont need to do that because it is normal for a baby like he is to love sucking on a pacifier. That makes a baby relax and calm like you wont a baby to be special when it is sleep time. You dont wont to have a crying baby in the middle of the night when you need to sleep and the baby need his sleep to so he can play the next day and the diaper and the pacifier help him get the sleep that he needs to have.

Draw by: aspentree