ABU Cushies diaper messing – ElliePadded

Looks like someone decided that it is time to go potty in here ABU Cushies :) Good thing diapers is design to handle this sort of things to.

Sometimes you simply dont have the time to visit the little girls room then it can be a good thing to be wearing a diaper.

Max crinkle! – ElliePadded

Looks like someone is playing around in here squishy Crinklz diaper :)

This diaper sure make a nice sound when she play around whit it :)

Early morning crinkles – ElliePadded

looks like someone decided to have some fun squishy diaper play here whit here wet night diaper :)

Also took a late night shower – ElliePadded

Giggle looks like someone forgot to take the diaper off before shower time ;)

Sogg – ElliePadded

Yes someone sure seems to have a very soggy diaper here. It is kind of amazing that the diaper tape is able to handle the heavy load.

But at the same time it is good that the tape do handle the load from the diaper´so she don’t need to stand there half naked ;)

MAX SQUISH – ElliePadded

I think it is kind of safe to say here that this is one squishy BetterDry diaper that we have here. It is kind of amazing that the diaper dont have start to leak yet.

But i bet it is pretty close to be leaking now.