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Good Storage Space

Good Storage SpaceDespite its intended purpose, a diaper is a great place to store things

Astus and text by Astusthefox

Draw by Zombineko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20478061/

Yes you can store things inside you diaper but it can happen that they dont going to smell so good after a wile special if you have use your diaper or end up using it when your things is store in there. So it maybe not is the perfect combination.

Pokemon Easter Eggs

Pokemon Easter Eggs
Pokemon Easter Eggs. Source: Gamestop Sweden Facbook page.

This is a nice pitcher of some nice Pokemon Easter Eggs and some good art skills to. Not every day you see a pitcher like that. Maybe we should youst catch ’em all! :) . What do you think?

I have dont draw any thing special on the eggs that i have eat this Easter. Have you? But it should be nice to have some Pokemon easter egg like this :)

I wont to wish you all a very happy easter and hope that you eat allot of nice and good things now. I know that easter is almost over but it is still some days left of this holiday.


Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs

Meet Bonnett, she’s an OC adopted as a result of a contest that I held, and she had the best design out of 40 others :3

Not only is she cute but she is also fitting for the Easter holiday. Both of us had great luck finding these eggs in our Easter hunt ^.^

Drawing and the text by: pichu90

I have not draw this page and the characters is not me.

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10249556/

Pichu and Bounery seams like the have an awesome and nice time when the play whit there easter eggs and the are so cute to. Only hope that the dont broke any of the eggs now so the maybe heart them self or something. That should be something relay bad.

If you wont to have a cute Pichu or Pokemon plushy you should check out this site: VideoGamePlush.com. Maybe you find some cute Plush that you like.