EccoCode Poofy diaper butt

EccoCode Poofy diaper buttThe poofy diaper butt lizard: eccocode

Draw by poofy-shark


This is one very cute and poofy diaper butt this lizard have ended up whit. I can understand that he is blushing when we have found out what a cute diaper butt he have. No need to blush little lizard every toddler have a cute diaper butt.

Beast of the Sea

Beast of the Seaeccocode of his dolphin character transforming into a Lugia, complete with transformed diaper too! :D

That lunar wing must be enchanted with magic of a very different kind of property :P

Dolphin by eccocode

Draw and text by poofy-shark


What a cute transformation and what a good drawing to and for every transformed his diaper seems to be thicker and thicker. :)