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Order for the first time from

Today i order for the first time from and i recently receive my pdf book in the mail and the DVD i order is going to be send to me soon.

This was the thing  i decided to ordered from

  • Flying with Baby
  • Shopping Trip
  • Shaved for Babyhood
  • Kidnappied
  • Turned Into A Baby DVD

Is going to be nice to read the stores and see how they are. But i hope they are good and the price what not that bad for this pdf files it was kind of cheap.

I hope that i dont need to wait to many days or week before i receive my DVD.

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Turned Into A Baby DVD

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Clip from

Turned Into A Baby DVD

Items for Sale > Turned Into A Baby DVD

This is, without a doubt, the wildest, most erotic and exciting video ever produced for big babies and diaper lovers everywhere.

If your fantasy is to be helplessly turned into a baby by a dominant woman, then you won’t want to miss this one.

Lee places an ad in a newspaper looking for a lady willing to play fantasy “baby games”, but the woman who answers his ad actually wants to turn him into a real, total, complete baby FOREVER. The woman forces Lee to wet his pants right in the middle of a busy restaurant and feeds him a bottle, much to the amusement of the waitress who has warmed it for her.

Later she ties him into a big crib and forces him to wet his diaper and powders and oils him.

All actors are over 18 years

Source for the text:

You can order the DVD here:

Yes i agree whit the nanny a baby cannot do that sort of thing like an adult can. Like getting out of the crib or handle when they need to pee.

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