Soaked a dry 24/7 in less than 10 hours – diaperfox25

This diaper boy sure is proud to show how good he is to use his dry 24/7 diaper :) He have completely use this diaper to its limits.

Quick, cute wetting – XTube

Quick, cute wetting powered by XTube

My dry 24/7s arrived, so i decided to record wetting my first one of the pack! Its kinda ward to see the “waterline” moving due to my lights reflecting off the shiny plastic coating. I put an ABU sticker on it, because Dry 24/7s are pretty plain looking.

Text and video belongs to SixHeavens

Save Express starting to sell Dry 24/7 Confidry

I recently revived a newsletter from Save Express there they informing that they soon will start to sell the the Dry 24/7 Confidry from United States in a soon futur. The price is going to be from 38 to 41 euro depends on what size your order. This is the first europien store that is starting to sell this adult diaper.

Dry-24-7-ConfidryYou can soon order the product here.