Daycare and surprise diaper check – xephy_buns

Daycare and surprise diaper check

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Yes it sure seems like he is in need of a new clean diaper. The diaper he is wearing now sure seems to be pretty well used ;)

He sure is blushing big time here during the surprise diaper check :)

A “Stink-Off!”

A "Stink-Off!"Gid and Spot having a little competition to determine who is the bigger stinker between the two, who’s diaper droop the most? Who’s diaper emits the bigger green stink cloud? And who’s diaper is most appealing for their little flying, buzzing audience? All these questions will be answered in this little showdown.

Characters PointOfNoR3turn

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I am kind of lucky that i dont stand between this two now when they having this kind of showdown.

It sure most be a pretty stinky place to be in. I sure wounder who is going to win this showdown?