Comic pg 1

Comic pg 1gotta watch what you drink!

Order by brevity and subdivisions


Yes it sure is good at look on the bottle and read it before you decide to drink from it ;) But now it is to late to do anything about it for this wolf.

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Sugary Accident

Sugary AccidentEveryone knows I am a complete sugar fiend. I drink soda like it’s water and candy tends to be the first thing I eat before anything else. Honestly, I rarely don’t have a big bag of candy next to me when I’m home.

So as normal I consumed the sugary treats quit quickly and well a hours and tummy gurgle later this happened. Ummm…hehe sorry to the adult who gets this surprise.

Husky: island

Draw by: TakOttah


Yes when the tummy is making allot of strange noise you can be kind of sure something like this could happen. Maybe it was to match soda and candy for this little cub.

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