Dream land

Dream landjus gotta keep following the moon.

Draw and everything by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20285363/

Yes keep running after the big withe moon maybe you can catch up to it some time :)

Aww what a cute and poofy diaper butt this furry have.

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Foxy on his way to dreamland

Foxy on his way to dreamlandFoxys and his mother have been and shopping for some new diapers to Foxy and when they get home. Foxy decide that he should guard the diaper package from the evil potty monster.

Foxy have heard from some other cub at the kindergarten that the potty monster could steal the cubs diaper so they be force to use the potty or wet there pants. Foxy dont want this to happen so he grab his pacifier and his Pikachu plushy and stay guard for 5 min when he suddenly felt sleepy so he decide to rest on the diaper package becours it was so comfy and soft.

And before he know it he was on his way to the dreamland sleeping on the diaper package express :)

Draw by: zanten94

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