An unforgettable dream! (Gift art)

An unforgettable dream! (Gift art)As we all know, little Foxy loves his plushie named Pikachu!

“We are inseparable!” said Foxy at bedtime!

Several minutes later, Foxy was sound asleep, cuddling with his beloved Pikachu!

While Foxy was sleeping, he had a beautiful dream!He dreamed that the real Pikachu was visiting!Foxy couldn’t say anything, he just grabbed him with his paws and hugged him for a long time!

Upon awakening, Foxy took his Pikachu plushie and said:”You are very special to me, my Pikachu!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88


I would like to thank nelson88 and Victor for this nice gift. This is really me.

Morning Already

Morning AlreadyIs it morning already was the first thing Foxy sad when his mother walk into his nursery and woke him up. Foxy love the sleeping time in his crib it is all soft and warm and he have allot of plushy surrounding him.

He dont like when his mother wake him he always have some nice dreams when that happens. This time he was dreaming about that he and his mother and all his plushy friends was out playing on a big blanked in the garden.

Maybe he can continue the dream next night. Now he dont have time for that becours his mother is getting him ready for kindergarten.

Draw by: fangthefox

Diaper dream

I had a strange dream a couple of days ago. I dream that i was wearing a thick wet and soggy diaper at my parents house. But something happen in the morning the lead to find a hard way so i cold take off my diaper. So i try to do it outside but it was hard to find a private place there to. But last a find a place for the diaper change behind some wooden fence but suddenly when i should start the change i relies that i wet my diaper more and it starting to leak.

In that moment i woke up from the dream and notes that i needed to pee.

Thats was a new type of dream. I have newer had that sort of diaper dream before. And most of the time when i woke up and need to pee when i wearing a diaper my pee pee is big.