51) Little Fur’s Productions HD “Some of Us” – Video

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Little Fur’s Productions “Some of Us”
Artwork by Tavi Munk
Video by Pandr

Time for a new video from Pandr and Little Fur’s Productions whit new and beautiful arts from Tavi Munk that i hope that you are going to like.

Poochyena: Crunch

Poochyena: Crunch
Poochyena: Crunch

Just a pic of Crunch being an adorable crinkle butt, wanna give him a cuddle? he loves cuddles! ^^

Cub: poochyena

Draw by: TaviMunk

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/10562180/

This is the cutes pose that i have seen in a while. The drawing is very cute and this make poochyena to look little extra cute this time. Maybe he is going to mess or wet his diaper in this cute and adorable pose. Or maybe he youst wont to be all cute.

Do you wont to see more art from Poochyena and TaviMunk that i have post? Then you can click on there name that get you to the right page. I hope that you are going to like what you see.

Yay! You Did It

Yay! You Did It
Yay! You Did It

Ronald like to cheering for me when i try to learn to stand on my paws and when i finely know how this work he was so happy for me. No i only need to learn how to walk because i learn to stand on my paws before i know how to walk. So it seams like i have learn things in a new kind of way. do you dont think that?

Ronald is a very good friend that have charing on my all the way in my training.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Draw by: batladie

I hope that ronaldmccoon is going to like this drawing. But i think he is going to think it is a awesome drawing.

Thanks to some special artist

I would like to send a thanks to some special artist that i think make a wonderful work.

wen Make allot of nice and wonderful art work. I have order some art from wen and i am always happen how well and nice it turns out to be. She send allot of sketch so you relay can see the progress on the art. That is something that i relay like and make it easy for you to see if it need something that you wont to have.

pichu90 Make some relay cute Pichu arts and have some very nice and good art skills.

ruugiaruu Draw allot of good art. And make a very wonderful and good work. And my arts that i have order from ruugiaruu have always turn out good and awesome. Ruugiaruu is relay good on drawing some nice and poofy diaper butts :)

fangthefox Do a relay good work and my art that i have order have always turn out great. Can make some relay good and nice REF: //www.furaffinity.net/view/9847060/

bobkitty This is relay a special person. I always looking forward to see when he post new art. Ha can relay draw some good and cute face expression. And all the Soggy adn messy diaper cub his draw is relay get you hart to melt and you wish it was you that was that soggy cub.

catmonkshiro I would like to thanks you for all the regression pitcher you do. I dont know what to say more then i like most of the art you post.

roareyraccoon Thank you for the two cute art that you have draw for me. I am so happy for the cute and wounderful two art that you have fix for me. And i like you wonderful art style

I hope you all keep up whit the nice and wonderful work you do. This is my way to thank some of you artist for the nice and wonderful work you do. I cannot mention you all but i wont to thank some special artist.

40 years with Bamse

The magazine "Bamse - the world's strongest bear" celebrating 40 years this year
The magazine “Bamse – the world’s strongest bear” celebrating 40 years this year. Drawing: RUNE ANDRÉASSON Source for the pitcher: //www.aftonbladet.se/kultur/article16384845.ab

This year marks the magazine Bamse – the world’s strongest bear 40 years, and maybe that’s enough now.

That children do not experience the world in the same way as adults noted understood Bamse empire founder Rune Andreasson in 1966: “It is clear that it has its limitation in the choice of issues to work for the young, but in return, it has the advantage that the customer base is renewed like that every seventh year, so then you have got and start over again. ”

Since I have not had the privilege to be renewed, it is not so strange that I react negatively to the paper thin, omtuggande and in my opinion too often reprized stories.

A danger threatens, at home or in foreign lands, and the constant law stranded Bamse embarks with his animal friends to meet this danger.

That never is any danger, because Bamse can always eat a can smash honey and become super strong, and because the Skalman can always conjure up some amazing invention of the shell, a time machine or a bottle of “XYZ juice” that helps with everything.

It can be some miss whit the translation here from the Swedish newspaper that i have find this text from. But i have try to fix the problem that i could see. You can find the Swedish article here: //www.aftonbladet.se/kultur/article16384845.ab

I remember when i read this as a kid. I relay love the story and the amazing bear. I remember that i was always angry that the magazine only come out ones a moths. It is always hard to wait for something that you wont to read. I think you that are visiting my blog have probably been in this situation many times to special when you was a kid.