RegressedLeo Leoben

Corinn ParadoxDragon

Draw by catmonkshiro


Awww looks like this lion soon is going to get a cute little baby dragon to take care off :) It sure looks like he is looking forward to it :)

How big boys use a changing table

How big boys use a changing tableThis is how big boys use a changing table in a proper way :D

Order by pinkdragonkin

Draw and text by CrinkleButt-Yuni


Yes it seems like the diaper bunny wont to use the changing table for some sex activity’s. The dragon dont seems to be the only one whit a soggy wet squishy diaper. The bunny’s diaper seems to be pretty well used to.

moonsie undercover baby

moonsie undercover babyman… the things one has to go through to be incognito on these shows…

well let’s hope Filly_moonshine walk outta this with her mind at least RELATIVELY unscrambled…

The poor dragon Filly_moonshine

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor dragon i hope this diaper changing episode is going to be on soon. Because it really looks like this little dragon is in badly needs of a diaper change now.

Little draggie butt

Little draggie buttCorinn was getting a change from his robotic hands as they were finishing putting him in a Little Paws they lifted him in the air and patted his diaper butt. When they set him down more of the hands when he least expected it took a picture of his pawper butt. When he saw the flash of the camera he looked at them as they went back into the table.

The cute dragon and text by ParadoxDragon

Art by


Aww it looks like the machine would like to have a cute photos of this little dragons diaper (LittlePawz) butt :)

I agree this sure is one cute diaper butt that we have here :)

Icewind the great big baby

Icewind the great big babyJust a cute little dragon being cute.

The cute dragon Icewindthegreat

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes this sure is one cute little dragon that we have here :)