Waron spanking

Waron spankingDraw and everything by Spanking649

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/20219798/

Looks like Spanking649 decided to post some more spankings drawings from Puzzle & Dragons game. This time it seems like Waron is receiving a spanking from Firon. His butt starting to look pretty red now.

Ride that plushie!

Ride that plushie!Draeco Vocina Cyberdragon1775

Draw by emeritus_terciel

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/20083504/

It looks like this diaperfur have decided to have some special adult time together whit his thick wet diaper and his plush. Seems like he really like it to.

Lunch time

Lunch timedon’t worry everyone, Argi is still alive after this! he might not want to be but he is :3c

Order by Not_original77

Draw by operationfluff

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/20021457/

It sure dont looks like Argi is on a nice trip this time poor Raccoon.

He sure is going to ended up at some point inside this thick soggy Abri Form X-Plus diaper butt.

Arts and Crafts Mishap

Arts and Crafts MishapApparently, cutting up and making art projects our of Mr. Iakhot’s work papers was not the brightest of ideas.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Iakhot

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/19911279/

Poor Caiden it seems like he have ended up whit a new red butt. He always seems to ended up whit new mistakes about things that he should not do.