My sleeper is too small

My sleeper is too smallIts not the thickness of the padding >.=.>
thats not the problem.

Dragon and text by Dragie

Draw by natsu-cat


Yes i agree whit this words it is not the thick padding (Diaper) that is the problem it is the footed sleeper that dont have room for the thick diaper that you need to wear now to bedtime. I hope you mother can get you a new one that have room for your poofy thick diaper.

You look so cute in this pose :)

What are those?!

What are those?!oh whops, Thernol being caught wearing pampers in the armory while gearing up for his duties. What would you do now Thernol?

Thernol and text by Thernol

Draw by Catmonkshiro


Yes what would Thernol do about it when he seems to end up whit a embarrassing situation?


Snuggles!My cubself cuddling with my blanky and bear!

Dragon and text by ArcNightclaw

Draw by Sonna


Aww this is so cute look like he have some wonderful time together whit his two things that he seems to love allot :)

I know how he feels i have some plushy on my own that i love allot to. It is something awesome to have a plushy to hug and love allot that you should do whit a plush. They need to feel love to like you do.

Baby draggy!

Baby draggy!Featuring Me and my favourite plushie, who I have irl, whom I call Gold.

Dragon and text: ArcNightclaw

Draw by: toddlergirl


It looks like this cute little baby dragon have a fun time together whit his favorite plushy. They look weary cute together.

Shade koopa loosing to the goblins.

Shade koopa loosing to the goblins.
Shade koopa loosing to the goblins.

Dragon; shadekoopa

Draw by: catmonkshiro

looks like shadekoopa couldn’t hold out long… poor kid is just losing it all…


No need to worry shadekoopa you have your thick and thirsty diaper on that can handle this. No need to try to hold it back you are going to wet your diaper like a good little dragon boy. It dont help that you try to do the thing you do right now the diaper is to thick for that. You need to learn to accept as from this moment you have no control over you bladder and need to be in thick diaper 24/7 like a good boy should be that have bladder problem like you have.

Anixen’s mirror 5

Anixen's mirror 5
Anixen’s mirror 5

Dragon: anixen

Draw by: catmonkshiro

anixen is now fully decked out with infantile attire… and things just keep going south… the mirror starts to show its true nature


It seams like anixen have found a very powerful mirror here. And what we can see that she already have use here diaper like a good baby. But i bet it have room for allot more then that before she needs a change. If its someone that can change the diaper. Babys are not allow to change there own diapers. That is something only adults can handle. Should be nice to see what is happen next. Maybe the diaper get more then wet but if that happen that should bot be any problem. Diapers is made to handle that sort of thing to you know. So i hope she learn to accept that she is going to be a good baby now and use the diaper that she is wearing.