Double peekabu!?!

Double peekabu!?!
daddy decided that he was sick of me leaking three times in a row an soo promptly doubled me up in peekabus and plastic pants for the day to make sure I wouldn’t leak again though in my defence he was bouncing me on his lap for one of those times!! >////>

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Charry and Devante_Torlias

Draw and text by Charry


I sure wounder how thick this double PeekABU diaper is going to look when he have wet it a couple of time? It sure most make him waddling allot more then.

But i bet this double diaper is not going to leek. Someone sure seems to be one heavy wetter :)

Wearing 5 diapers – sweetelsababy

This diaper girl dont seems to be needed any diaper change for a wile The first diaper sure going to be ended up pretty soggy and wet when it get changed.

Decide for double diaper – lilstevieboy

It sure seems like someone decided to wear one very thick diaper during his time outside. This double diaper sure going to make him waddle about now when he wear one Abri Form X-Plus and a ABU BareBum diaper. Wounder if someone is going to notes his thick butt or his waddling?

Eager to help whit diaper change

Eager to help whit diaper change
With his condition in check and in remission, Sirius was happy to finally be able to have normal sleepovers without the possibility of his tummy ruining his night. However, while he was out of diapers proper for the first time in his life, many of his friends needed theirs. Eager to please, Sirius happily assisted his pal Terry change into a fresh diaper. Of course, since this was Terry, Sirius made sure to layer a second one over top, as well as some light teasing to remind his friend who the big kid was now. Sirius did have to take it easy though, as only months prior was he still having terrible accidents, and some did have some rather entertaining blackmail material!

Featuring the character and art of emeritusterciel

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The above story belongs to Sirius_Babyhound


Poor Terry it is not so nice of Sirius to be teasing you about that you steal need your thick diapers. It is not your fault that you have not get the hang of potty training yet. And that is not something that Sirius should be teasing you about. And by the way i not think it is up to Sirius to decide if you need to be wearing double diapers or not. Yes you maybe is a heavy wetter but the green diapers that you are wearing seems to be pretty thick to. So i bet they could handle allot of accidents before they starting to leak or in need of be changed.

One thing for sure is not so nice to rub it in Terry`s face that you are a big kid now Sirius.

licence bandwagon!

licence bandwagon!Draw and everything by Charry~


Poor thing looks like someone received a blushing potty license card.

Do you wont to make your own potty license card? Check out this website:

Double everything – diaperboy78

Yes it sure seems like this diaper boy have put his Abri Form X-Plus diaper to some good use here even if he use double it seems time for a diaper change soon.