Marci Badge! – by Scuba

Marci Badge! - by ScubaCharacter: Scuba

Draw by: marcimcadam

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


This is a very nice drawing from marcimcadam and i hope that i some swim diaper that Scuba are wearing right now. It is relay cute print on it.

The spanking machine

The spanking machine
The spanking machine

John is a salesman and inventor of  spanking  machines.
He gave a free demonstration(using for demonstration of course ,Sammy and Remi’s butts) in Matt’s house!Richard was extremely pleased!

Richard:”You’ve convinced me! I’ll buy two machines!”

But Matt asked in a  worried tone:
“Why are you buying two machines?”

Richard:”This one  stays here and the other one  is  for  my  own  use in  my  house…I  will  use  it on  you,what  I  mean  on  your  butt!”

Matt:”But, but …!”

Richard:”Ok  John,take your machine and carry it to my house!Wait for  me at home, Matt,I  have  great  plans with  that  machine on  your own  ass ! Understood!”

Matt:”Poor  me!”

Artwork  by  my  cousin(editing  by  my  friend  Victor)  and  colors  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


Seams like it is going to be a very hard time for this two cubs now. Or what do you think?

A little “accident” in the pool gift art

A little "accident" in the pool gift artWas a hot day, Sammy and Remi decided to go for a dip in the public pool .

There, they enjoyed a great time … until happened an embarrassing moment!

Sammy:”Hey Remi! I think you forgot something very important,something you left here in the pool!Look what I have in my hand!”


ElsieCheeks Cow:”What a cute little butt!”

Foxy:”You can have one of my swimdiapers,if you want? ”

Poor Remi! By the same shock and embarrassment, he peed on himself

Guests characters invited: Foxy
: ElsieCheeks
Artwork by my cousin with colors by me/some editing by my friend Victor. nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

It was nice of Foxy to share his swim diaper whit Remi. It is a good thing to share even a diaper is good thing.


Eureka!Science and new discoveries are two issues that have always fascinated the  fuzzy  head  of  Matt!
His  biggest dream is to find  someday the so-called fountain of youth!Matt studied chemistry and he  is always inventing and creating new formulas in  his  “private” laboratory  in  his  house!

“Eureka!” Matt exclaimed with great joy!
He added:”I’m sure I did it! When I drank this formula, I’ll be a little pup again, for only ten minutes!But the only way to know if this invention works is, drinking it, to see what happens next!Ok I’m ready!”

Then Matt drank his own invention and started on him  some  great  physical changes!

“I am a great inventor!I did it!I’m a pup for ten minutes!”  Matt shouted   with a little  squeaky puppy  voice!

Suddenly, Sammy and Remi  taking  advantage of the situation, entered  on the scene with  big  grins   on   their  faces!

Remi:”Well,well!You are now a little  pup for only ten minutes … very interesting, papa!We  always been punished by you  all  the  time, now we think it’s your turn now! Sammy I’ll ask you: What happen when little   pups are playing with dangerous chemicals?”

Sammy:”They are punished with  good  spanking  on  their  fannies!”

Matt:”Remember both  of you, that  I’m just a pup for only  ten minutes!”

Remi:”Enough time  for us!  Bend over,dad!”

Matt:”Oh  dear!I believe this invention will give me a good pain in my poor ass!… I think I just pee!”

Pic  by  my  cousin  and  story/colors  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


I can understand way this pups want to do some revenge on dad. I think it going to be a very red butt now.

An embarrassing bet

An embarrassing betSammy, Rudy  Raccoon  and Remi were discussing a matter in  which of  them was more  faster in the track  and  field.

Sammy  boasted:”Definitely, I’m faster than both  of you!”

Remi:”Oh yeah? So let’s make a bet!”

Rudy:”Excellent idea! But what will be the bet?”

Remi:”The bet is simple,will  happen  only  to  whoever loses the race!The loser will have to drop their pants and show everyone his diapered  butt ! This only happens to anyone who comes third in the race! ”

Sammy  and  Rudy:”We agree!”

Then the race began!And the results were: Remi First, second  place  for Rudy and third place… for poor Sammy!

Remi:”We  win Sammy , and  you  lose! Come on, a group of cubs are waiting to see your beautiful diaper!”

Sammy dropped his pants and bent over to show to all  , his  diapered  butt!

And Rudy grabbed Sammy  by his  waist and said:
“Look everyone! Sammy is wearing the new diaper called “Tushie”!
How cute! Has little  rockets everywhere!”

But what a  moment so embarrassing for  poor  little Sammy!
Next time Sammy, do  not  make more bets!

Sighing many times the little otter said:”I want one of those diapers!My diaper is old and out of fashion!”

Artwork  by  my  cousin  and  story/colors  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


Yes this is some blushing thing. But i only wish that i wash the one the lost the bets. That should be something to see that. And he have some very cute diaper butt. Do you dont think so to?

Spank me

Spank  me

Oh  no!Poor  Sammy!

Remi strikes again with his practical jokes!

And look, Sammy’s diaper fell out  from his ass!

In other words, Sammy is an easy target now…specially  his  bare  bottom!


Artwork  by  my  cousin  with some  editing  by  my  friend  Victor.
Colors  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


I think we all going to know what it is going to happen to this pup. I think that some one is going to spank him. And that is not a nice thing or a funny thing to wake up to. And i hope that he dont wet his bed now when he dont have any diaper on any more.