Grandpa’s secret dungeon!

Grandpa's secret dungeon!Grandpa Richard wanted a full day of stillness and peace … but suddenly came to his home, Matt, the boss, Remi and Sammy!

As always, the pups began to argue!Meanwhile, the boss and Matt were arguing over from whom of them would do the dinner!

Grandpa Richard didn’t take it anymore and shouted:

It’s true! As was heard!Grandpa Richard has a special secret dungeon for those who misbehaves at his home!And each of them will receive their deserved punishment!

But before he started,grandpa Richard pick up his phone and said:”Hello! Is this the “barking pizzeria”?I would like to order a pepperoni pizza and a soda…many thanx!Ok,boys…spanking time!”

The boss thought among his misfortune:”I would have preferred to stay on my bed today!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

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I think that Grandpa Richard is going to do a massive spanking here now in his secret dungeon and they look kind of worry. I can understand that i think i should look the same if i was trap in a dungeon like this and know that i going to be bondage and receive allot of spanking that i dont can avoid.

Tickle time for naughty cubs

Tickle time for naughty cubsSammy and Remi have been very disobedient and naughty during the day!They fight all the time, their room is a real mess, and they haven’t taken out the garbage bag to the trash can !
But grandpa Richard has the solution!
The “All in one” machine, not only serves to punish naughty pups … serves to punish with lots of tickling too!

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88.

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Yes it look like this two cubs is receiving a lot of ticking right now and that can be a weary hard thing special of you are weary ticklish. And from the look of this it seems like this two cubs are that. I only hope that get some small rest so they get the opportunity to catch there breath for a little while. I think they should need that special if the machine is going to trickle them for a long time.

Comfy cushy couch

Comfy cushy couch

Me sleeping on the couch after gaming all night.

German Shepherd Dog:ethan86

Draw by: PaddedRingtail

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It look like ethan86 is a weary sleepy dog right now after stay up all night and play some game. Good thing that he fall asleep wearing some thick and comfy diapers. I love the cute blue diaper butt that he have right now. He look so cute and sweet right now when he is sleeping on the couch whit his cute diaper butt fully expose. I bet he can sleep weary deep right now and if he have an accident in his sleep his thick diaper can handle it weary well. Do you dont think so? It should be weary cute and weary embarrassing now if some one walk into the room and decide to give his cute diaper butt a pat. Wounder if he should wake up then?

I wish that he have a nice and calm sleep :)

Remi and Sammy Get Spanked

Remi and Sammy Get Spanked
Remi and Sammy Get Spanked.

“Do you remember the “All in one machine”?

,well here we introduced the new and improved “All in one 2!”.
A very proud boss announced to a reporter, the new company adquisicion for sale!.

And the boss added:”And thanks to my favorite employee named Matt and his beautiful white rear end, sorry I didn’t mean that!I mean, thanks for the cooperation of Matt, because he lent me his boys(Remi and Sammy) for this important demonstration!As you can see. This machine not only punishes those disobedient pups, cubs and some adults too, also takes rear ends temperatures!. By taking the temperature, the machine will know how much punishment needs those disobedient pups!I’m sure this will sell like hotcakes!”.

The reporter said:”I will definitely buy one!”.

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88.

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Look like Remi And Sammy have bean some weary bad pup to have earn this type of spanked butts. Wounder what they have don to be part of this demonstration? I think they have tacking off there diapers whiteout permission and use the potty instead of there diaper like a good boy should use. If that is the case i hope they get allot of spanking for that so they dont do it again.

It look like a weary good machine if you wont your cubs to have a weary good and a weary toasted butt like a bad cubs should have. And it is good they are strapped down good so the cubs dont can get away from the spanking. Or try to cover the toasted butt that they have if they have receive allot of spanking.

Bath time and cub care! Part 3

Bath time and cub care! Part 3
Bath time and cub care! Part 3

Matt was in his car but decided to get off and return again to his boss,he rang the door bell and one very happy boss said:
“You came back, my boy!”

Matt with his face a little embarrassed said:
“Boss … I … I want and I wish to hug you on your bed…but just for only a moment!Can I?”

The boss:”Absolutely and definitely my pup! Come with me and do whatever you want with me!ARF!”

What a wonderful opportunity for Matt,his boss on his lap, naked, and with his rear end ready for anything!And Matt laid his head on his boss’s bare bottom, and patted him with love and sigh, and sigh many times…and whisper an “I love you daddy”!


Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

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Good that Matt get a chance to get a revenge on the boss. From the look on his face it look like he really like this and i can understand way he like it. Now can he show the boss how match he like him. So i hope that he give the boss a very red and hurting butt now. But from the look on the boss face it dont seems to bother him that match that he going to get some spanking.

Bath time and cub care! Part 2

Bath time and cub care! Part 2
Bath time and cub care! Part 2

The boss is always very strict when it’s time to change diapers to his cub!
Diligently, the boss sprinkle baby powder on Matt’s bottom, to make his pup feel happy,clean and fresh!
When all is ready and done, the boss gives him a gentle pats on his diapered butt, in sign of approval!

Later, the boss keeps hugging his pup on his bed and saying:
“My big boy,before you go, I will check your diaper to see if everything is in order!By what I see now, everything’s in order,you’re totally clean!Now you will go to your home more relaxed, clean and fragrant!”

Meanwhile, Matt was sucking his finger and he loved to be treated like his pup!

And the boss kept Matt embraced for a long time, until it was time to go home … something that kept him very sad!^^


Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Source: //

You can find part 1 here.

It look like Matt have end up whit a bare bottom and a diaper butt at his boss bed again. He dont seems to have any luck this dog. I only hope that his brother or someone else find out about this. That should be weary embarrassing if this get out for Matt. But i love the cute and poofy diaper butt that he have in one of the picture.