Don’t Mind Me

Don't Mind MeJust puttin’ a bottle in ya drawers.

ethan86 of him being perfectly well behaved while SOME GIRL dog harasses him. POOR DOG, gosh.

Male dog: ethan86

Female dog: ??

Draw and text by: Fink


When i see this drawing it remember me of a diaper commercial that i post about a couple of months back. It was a commercial for the Toddler Huggies diaper. Wounder if this girl have watch that commercial to. If she have that she maybe think that she should try the same thing whit ethan86 and empty the baby bottle in the back of his diaper. But it look like he have notes this and it make me wounder what he thinks of that. Maybe he should go and tell his mother what have happen so she could change him into a clean and dry diaper. It is not so comfortable when the back is all wet from the water that was inside the baby bottle that the girl empty in the back of his diaper.

But i most say this is something where cute to see.

It’s a deal!

It's a deal!The famous machine called “All  in  1″, has been somewhat modernized and several international companies have been keen to acquire it!
But to know whether it works or not, a test is needed!

The  boss:”Good to know that Matt and  his  adorable  white  rear  end, is always willing to help for the good of this company!Do you liked this wonderful demonstration,mr.Thomas?You will sign the contract for the purchase of my diaper change machines?It’s  a  deal?”

Mr.Thomas:”That’s  for  sure!It’s  a  deal!”

The boss whispered to Matt:”Don’t worry my  big  boy, you’ll be greatly rewarded when we get home!”

Matt nodded!

The  boss:”That’s  my  boy!”

The  assistant was staring  at Matt’s  bare rear  end and said:
“Mmmm,mmmm!Cute round bare  bottom,Mr.Matt!”

Matt thought to himself:”Everything I  do is to please my boss!But  this  is  a  little  too  much  embarrasing!And I don’t like the way that assistant is watching my bare  bottom!Oh  well…the  shame…the  shame!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Aww you have nothing to worry about Matt you need to have a bare bottom now for the machine so it can put the diaper on right. And bay the way if you going to wear a diaper you dont need to have any underwear. The diaper is you nice and cozy underwear now when the All  in  one machine is finish whit you.

Grandpa’s secret dungeon!

Grandpa's secret dungeon!Grandpa Richard wanted a full day of stillness and peace … but suddenly came to his home, Matt, the boss, Remi and Sammy!

As  always, the pups began to argue!Meanwhile, the  boss and Matt were arguing over from whom of them  would do the dinner!

Grandpa Richard  didn’t take it anymore and shouted:

It’s true! As was heard!Grandpa Richard has a special secret dungeon  for those who misbehaves at his home!And each of them will receive their deserved punishment!

But before he  started,grandpa  Richard  pick up his phone and said:”Hello! Is this the “barking pizzeria”?I would like to order a pepperoni pizza and a soda…many  thanx!Ok,boys…spanking  time!”

The  boss thought among his misfortune:”I would have preferred to stay on my bed today!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


I think that Grandpa Richard is going to do a massive spanking here now in his secret dungeon and they look kind of worry. I can understand that i think i should look the same if i was trap in a dungeon like this and know that i going to be bondage and receive allot of spanking that i dont can avoid.

Tickle time for naughty cubs

Tickle time for naughty cubsSammy and Remi have been very disobedient and  naughty during  the  day!They fight all the time, their room is a real  mess, and they haven’t  taken out the garbage bag to  the  trash  can !
But grandpa Richard has the solution!
The “All in one” machine, not only serves to punish naughty  pups … serves to punish  with lots  of tickling too!

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  by nelson88.


Yes it look like this two cubs is receiving a lot of ticking right now and that can be a weary hard thing special of you are weary ticklish. And from the look of this it seems like this two cubs are that. I only hope that get some small rest so they get the opportunity to catch there breath for a little while. I think they should need that special if the machine is going to trickle them for a long time.

Comfy cushy couch

Comfy cushy couch

Me sleeping on the couch after gaming all night.

German Shepherd Dog: ethan86

Draw by: PaddedRingtail


It look like ethan86 is a weary sleepy dog right now after stay up all night and play some game. Good thing that he fall asleep wearing some thick and comfy diapers. I love the cute blue diaper butt that he have right now. He look so cute and sweet right now when he is sleeping on the couch whit his cute diaper butt fully expose. I bet he can sleep weary deep right now and if he have an accident in his sleep his thick diaper can handle it weary well. Do you dont think so? It should be weary cute and weary embarrassing now if some one walk into the room and decide to give his cute diaper butt a pat. Wounder if he should wake up then?

I wish that he have a nice and calm sleep :)