Morning Ritual

Morning RitualFinn is early for his favorite cartoons, he can take care of himself while mama is still sleeping

The cute dog and above text belongs to Finn_Dreemurr

Draw by spiffyart


Looks licks someone starting to act as a big boy now :)

But someone needs to have been up and change his diaper? Because the diaper he is wearing now seems to be all dry and clean. And i bet his night diaper when he woke up this morning was all soggy and wet ;) 

Padded Show off

Padded Show offOnce Chris got changed into a nice, fresh, thick Crinklz diaper, he felt he needed to show off. X3 So he decided to grab his phone, and take a picture for everyone to see. X3

The text and Chris belongs to tripleccc

Draw by carnival-tricks


Looks like someone love to show off his new thick and fresh diaper butt :)

Hi sure has one cute diaper butt and i can understand way he wont to show it off :)

A Good Boy

A Good BoyOrder by brehund

Draw by BunnyKisses


Yes it sure looks like someone is a very good boy :) And a good boy wear and use his thick diaper :)

Showing Off His Toony Stink Lines

Showing Off His Toony Stink LinesThe toon world is a weird little place, and one of the weird facts within the toon world is that a dirty diaper will emit visible stink lines to warn all nearby toons so they can run away to safety in time!

The stinky pup belongs to Harrisma9

Draw and above text by Diegesis


Yes someone sure seems to love showing off for everyone that he sure have on stinky diaper here that he is wearing.

Someone sure needs to change his cloth diaper because it sure seems like he needs a new clean diaper.


Pirate.exe Mieko finds out that if you keep downloading too many movies, songs, and games illegally, you may forget to check ALL of them carefully enough for virus’ before you click “Download”.

It’s fine though, he’ll have the next 5 years to think that over….Oh wait…Maaaayne noooot so much “THINKING” it over…


Order by mieko

Draw by Kit_Kiama


Aww poor Mieko looks like he have found one special program here that is hiding inside the things he have downloaded.

Looks like the virus is going to mental and age regress him back to a cub state. Only hope someone can tack care of him during this time.