Diaper Changes Are So Inconvenient

Diaper Changes Are So InconvenientAnd… this is how an average day goes. Dodger tattles on Caiden, he gets a cookie while his friend gets spanked, then he gets his diaper checked, and to finish with a much needed diaper change! Poor Dodger does not look very impressed. It’s not that he hates diaper changes; he loves being cleaned! However, he loathes getting changed after he made sure Caiden got his… especially now that that smug little brat is smirking at him.

Dodger @ ChildOfPhoenix

Caiden, Mike and story by tugscarebear

Art by Tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19519514/

No Dodger sure dont look to be very impressed now when he is lying on the changing pad and waiting on a clean diaper. But it is not very nice of Caiden to have that sort of face now after his spanking. But i bet this feels like some sort of revenge for him to see Dodger get his messy diaper changed right after his spanking.

This is a very cute end to this story :)

The Woes Of Being A Tattletale

The Woes Of Being A TattletaleDodger had just finished his cookie when he could feel the back tab of his diaper be pulled away from his backside. As he turns around to see what is going on, he realizes that Mike had finished spanking Caiden and set him on the naughty stool… and was now checking his diaper! Uh-oh…

Dodger @ ChildOfPhoenix

Caiden, Mike and story by tugscarebear

Art by Tato

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19519474/

Wounder if Dodger have left a stinky and messy surprise in the back of his diaper for Mike to handle. Could it be that he have smell?

Brats Get Spanked

Brats Get SpankedSure enough, Caiden ends up over Mike’s knee with his diaper down, getting a spank. It was inevitable.

But hold on a second… what is Dodger doing? Is he eating a cookie? Of course he is. Dodger is demonstrating to his friend the PROPER way to get cookies which is by asking.

Dodger @ ChildOfPhoenix

Caiden, Mike and story by tugscarebear

Art by Tato

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19519433/

Poor little Caiden it seems like he have ended up whit a new bare bottom spanking again and it seems to hurt allot.

Along Came A Tattletale

Along Came A Tattletale“Misser Mike!” Dodger yells loudly, pointing at his friend, Caiden, “Caiden is stealing cookies!”

Caiden, completely taken aback, looks at his friend who had JUST sworn he would not tattle in shock.

Caiden and story by tugscarebear

The little blue stinker that is tattling on Caiden is ChildOfPhoenix new character named Dodger.

Draw by tato

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19519400/

Poor little Caiden when Mike come to check out what his naughty little son is up to and find his paws inside the cookie jar he is going to be in some very big trouble.

I really like the expression in Caidens face in this drawing. He look to be pretty worry right now when Dodger screams about what he is doing in the cookie jar.