Double up diaper wetting – dl-teen

Wow it sure seems like he is flooding is diaper pretty big. Looks what a big wet spot his diaper front ends up whit. Good thing the Comficare diaper is there to handle it.

Super soggy messy but

dl-teen sure have ended up whit a very soggy and messy diaper. Look how heavy and soggy diaper butt he have ended up whit. It is kind of amazing that the diaper dont seams to have leak anything. It is kind of amazing to see this kind of messy diaper butt.

This is one soggy diaper – dl-teen

This sure is one soggy diaper (MyDiaper Night) that we have here. Wounder if it have start leaking? It sure looks well used :)

Hard to stop playing whit a soggy diaper – dl-teen

Yes it can be pretty hard to stop playing whit a well used diaper (Crinklz) when you have make it super soggy :)

Playing whit soggy Tena Slip Maxi diaper – dl-teen


Looks like this diaper boy decided to have some nice and special playtime in his Tena Slip Maxi diaper. and yes doing this sort of stuff whit a soggy wet diaper is kind of nice :)

How to become a wet boy


A nice little diaper wetting video that show how this diaper boy become a wet diaper boy when he was wearing his Tena Slip Maxi diaper.