Lovely day for a stroll

Lovely day for a strollHow lovely to walk through the park on a pretty summer day and chance uponDJHak and his adorable widdle puppyAwonewycub0 <3 Good thing Daddy’s got that diaper bag handy – from the look of things, pup may need a change.

Furrys in this drawing DJHak and Awonewycub0

Draw by airwolf1987

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Yes it sure looks like the little pup had an accident in his diaper but it looks like he is wearing a thick one so i think it can handle more wettings before daddy need to change it :)

Kar Show

Kar Show
Just getting the EG2 ready for the meet down at Paw Eleven now that Kar has taken care of himself!

Kar and text by DJHak

Draw by jimmy_rumshot

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Looks like someone is running around in the car park showing his thick diaper :)