Torre de bebidas

Torre de bebidasYure wanted to stack things, but he didn’t know what. Then, he found a bunch of cans in the fridge. If he stacked those while full, maybe they would fall down and make a mess. So, Yure had a good idea: to stack a tower of cans while, at same time, keeping the liquid from spilling if the tower collapsed, you just have to drink all the content of the cans! It was working well, but Yure began to feel desperate… He was super caught up playing, that he decided to hold it in while stacking the cans… It was getting urgent, but he was so distracted that he barely felt it. Yure! You gots to visit the little boy’s room! Otherwise… you will flood your diaper.x3

Draw and everything by Yure16


Yes it really looks like he need to visit the little boys room. But way should he do that when he is wearing a nice and cozy diaper that he can use instead of the big boys potty?

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