Scientists Grow Mushrooms in Dirty Diapers

 Mushrooms grown in used diapers may reduce waste by more than 80 percent.

Mushrooms grown in used diapers may reduce waste by more than 80 percent.

The average baby burns through more than 8,000 diapers before potty training, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. With each wet nappy weighing in at around 8 ounces, that’s more than two tons of slow-to-degrade garbage added to the landfill. And with over 4 million babies a year born in the U.S. alone according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the waste is staggering.

“The main objective is to get rid of diapers to avoid damaging the environment more,” she explained in the statement. “However, the mushrooms could be used as food supplement for cattle.”

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I dont know what to say about this but more then it sounds weary good for the environment.

Kiss my pull-ups, Ken

Kiss my pull-ups, Ken
Kiss my pull-ups, Ken.

Ken chases after Tough Heart bull onto the clouds for his nap, but the bull cub has
other plans.

The little bull tosses Ken around Care-O-Lot’s clouds and knocks him on his back.
Then the little bull stick his big boy pull-ups in Ken’s face for extra measure.

Cub: BlazeHeartPanther.

Draw by: Gloverboy23.


I bet this what not something nice for Ken to get force to smell the back of Tough Heart diaper. I only hope that Tough Heart diaper is clean or maybe you st wet. Could dont be so match fun to kiss or smell his messy diaper that close. But i think that Ken have earned this type of punishment he have bean a weary bad and naughty boy that have decide to chasing this cute care bears.

Final diaper check for Foxy (gift art)

Final diaper check for Foxy (gift art)

Foxy is ready to go to sleep,he have his favorite plushie “Pikachu”, his favorite pillow and above all, a very comfortable and fresh diaper!

But his mom gives him a last check out , just in case and says:
“Ok! You’re ready now! Goodnight my little butt crinkle cub!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by Nelson88.

Foxys mom wont to make sure that Foxy is ready for a good night sleep. And to make sure of that she doing the final diaper check to make sure it is on the right way. Foxy need to spread his legs some but because of the diapers thickness. But he dont mind he have his favorite Pikachu Plushy that he can cuddling whit and beside this is nothing new for him. His mom have always make sure that he wears the thickest diaper. To make sure that the diaper dont leak during the night.

Other furrys maybe think that Foxy have a messy diaper. But that is not the case the diaper is so thick so it force the legs apart when he stands up. But that make him even more cuter.

Receive my first order from Babykins

Receive my first order from Babykins

Today i receive my first order from Babykins. This is the first time i have order any thing from this company and a think every thing turn out very good. Like you can see on the picture they use plain shipping bag and on the info about the content it say clothing. so it is nothing to worry about this ABDL company is very discrete. No one can get a clue about what it is inside the bag.

The plastic on this plastic pants is very soft. I think i would say the softest plastic pants that i have try and like you can see on the picture the pants have some cute baby prints on it. On the info it say this plastic pants works great whit disposable diapers and smaller cloths diaper. So it should be nice to try out how well they work because the only thing i wear is disposable diaper.

If you wont to know more about this pants you can visit the company’s website or check out this post: KINS Vinyl Pants Lowriders Medium Weight

I can really recommend this plastic pants and you can newer have to match good plastic pants at home.

If you have any questions please comment below or send me a email.

Today I Receive My Order From Max Diaper

My Order From Max Diaper

Like you can see on the pitcher i receive my order from Max Diaper today.

The Package include this item’s:

10 pic of ABU Super Dry Kids

1 pic Tights with cars Size XXL

If you live outside of EU and wont to order this tights to? You can send them a mail. You find all the information you need here.

The last time i try this Super Dry Kids was back around 2008. So it going to be nice to see if it is any change on the diaper. I only hope that medium works good for be because large is not the size that i should wear it is to big for me and i hope the tights is in the right size to. I have not have the chance to try anything of this yet. But i hope that i going to try the diapers tomorrow.

One thing i miss whit this diaper package is some sort of cute pitchers on it or like some information about the diapers that you could find on the old packages. I like the information that you could find on the backside on the Tena Slip Maxi diapers i miss that allot. That give you a special and nice feeling when you watch it. Maybe some one have a pitcher of that package backside?

What type of item have you bought on Max diaper? If you have bought from this shop before.

Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi Review

This Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi Diaper Review is written by: Xanthia on ADISC. Many thanks to this user that give me the permission to post this.

Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-130cm) Pack of 20
Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-130cm) Pack of 20

The appearance of these are not something to be bragged about. They’re plain white with an ‘M’ pattern on it (assumably so you know which size they are!) and rectangular stripe down the middle.

Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi1

As advertised the sizes is pretty spot on. Unfortunately I can’t really compare it to other brands that you’re familiar with. Long as you know what waist/hips you are, you got no problems getting into these.

They have a yellow wetness indicator which turns blue so you know when abouts you’re a due a change. Although I don’t use it, some people like this feature. There is also some elastication on the front of these, allowing good movement without them feeling like they’re gonna fall off in one position to another.

The tapes are pretty standard with nothing particularly impressive. The material is pretty soft and not too plasticy. I think it’s considered more cloth like? If these were to be worn out I would suggest plastic pants as you can feel as if you’re clothes are wet when they’re not.

As well as the usual leak guard, it is elasticated around your thigh for a sure fitting. I’ve yet to have a leak in these! So going onto fitting…

Performance and Fit

I think these fit really well. They’re comfortable, and have no complaints in that aspect. I have found they can hold 3 good wettings if not a few trickles while sat down with no leaks.

As I only wear at home, only take this as a guidance. The noise of these are next to nothing. I can walk to and from my kitchen without hearing too much of a crackle, snap or pop!

The tapes stick well and don’t move, rip or unstick. I also found that if I had done it up too loose I could easily re-stick it tighter and it would still hold perfectly fine. They stayed on my waist very well even when full.

I don’t find these particularly discreet while on though. They bulge a lot on the front, and being a women this isn’t necessarily a good thing! This is probably my only complaint so far.

Price and Final Thoughts

These were bought from Amazon in the UK from a seller called DryLife. They cost me £13.75 for 20 which I consider a reasonable price compared to some and the overall performance. They were AB/DL friendly in regards of packaging and shipping completely discreetly, even if the package is quite big!

Overall I really like these, and the only real comparison I can give is I think they’re better than Tender All-In-One Adult Diapers. So if you’re in the UK, I would give these a try

You can find lot more pitcher on Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi on this forum post: