Looks like it is back to Diapers

Looks like it is back to Diapers
Looks like it is back to Diapers




Draw by: Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10382968/

Looks likes it is back to diapers for this two cute Husky cubs. But it is nothing bad to be put back to diapers. If you are not ready for potty or some thinner diapers like training pants. Then it should be some thicker diaper for you that can absorb more. I can only hope when some one come to check on this two cubs to see if the are wet at they understand the problem to keep the diaper dry. It take some time before you know how this works.

Crinkle CAUGHT! and Crinkle babied

Crinkle CAUGHT! by Shiro
Crinkle CAUGHT! by Shiro

Yeah, seems didn’t exactly get away during the chase and after a blast like that might take a looooooooong time to recover. >///////<

The poor coon is Gilga.

The art is done by: catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10052066/

Crinkle CAUGHT! and Crinkle babied
‘Crinkle babied’ by Shiro

Seems the evil evil faeries have decided that poor Gilga needs to be punished a little extra this time around, not only changing his clothing but denying another much needed change….

The poor coon is Gilga.
Art by: catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10333185/

Yes this seams to be some very evil faeries here. wounder what he have don that make him earn something like this? Or it can be some faeries that decide to have some fun whit him. I dont think he going to get out of his diaper for a long time. I think the faeries is going to force him to wear and use his diapers for a very long time.

Premium Portrait 1 & 2

Premium Portrait 1
Premium Portrait 1


One of Marci’s Premium Portraits she’s offering on her page!
When a puppy crawls towards all his changing supplies, he is either hungry for some baby wipes, or he needs a change. Lesson # 78 in puppysitting.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10312083/

Premium Portrait 2
Premium Portrait 2

And eventually, after you roll him over and apply a changing mat, you’ll be able to finally change your puppy. Lesson # 4,909

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10312100/

Cub: toyapup

Draw by: marcimcadam

marcimcadam home page: http://furries.frithcat.com/

It seams like Toyapup have a very wet diaper here. It is kind of strange that this wet diaper dont have leak yet. It seams to be quite wet right now. But maybe it is some new super absorbent diaper that he wear or something. we can only hope that he dont turn out to get any diaper rash from this soggy diapers. that should be relay bad.

ABDLFactory – Diaper Samplepack, all types

ABDL Factory
ABDL Factory

Try all our Adult Diapers with or without Diapertape.

1 x Tena Slip Maxi (S,M,L) Plastic.
1 x Tena Slip Basic Super (S,M,L) Plastic.
1 x Molicare Super Plus (S,M,L) Plastic.
1 x Cuddlz met Print (L) Plastic.
1 x Abena Abri Form X-Plus M4/L4 (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Beesana Super (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Kolibri Slip Basic (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Attends Slip Super Plus No.10 (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Euron Formslip Ultra (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Barme Slip Super (M,L) Plastic.
1 x ID-Slip Nacht Super (M,L) Plastic.
1 x MaiMed IncoSlip extra nacht (M,L,XL) Plastic.
1 x Vlesi-slip Comfort Premium Nacht (M,L,XL) Plastic.
1 x Easy Form Extra Inlegger, Plastic.
1 x FormaCare Slip X-plus (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Maxi Slip Inlay 15x60cm.
1 x Medium Slip-Inlay, 11x36cm.
1 x ABU Cushies (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Abena Delta-Form (M,L,XL) Plastic.
1 x Cuddlz All over Print (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Kolibri Comslip Plus (M,L) Plastic.

Total: Small & Medium 20 Diapers, Large & XL 21 Diapers.

Unfortunately (currently) no cuddlz with print size medium available.


Cotton Feel Diapers:

1 x Absorin Slip Excellent Orange (M,L) Cotton Feel.
1 x Abena Abri Form M3/L3 (M,L) Cotton Feel.
1 x Tena Slip Ultima (S,M,L) Cotton Feel.
1 x Tena Pants Maxi (M,L) Cotton Feel.
1 x Seni Super Quatro (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel.
1 x Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Premium (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel.

Children Diapers:

1 x Pampers UnderJams L/XL max. 39kg Cotton Feel
1 x HUGGIES DRY NITES, 8-15 years, 27-57kg Cotton Feel

All diapers except children diapers are available in size M or L.
If you choose size S or XL, we will ship that size whenever possible instead of size M or L.

You can bought this sample pack here.

This can be something nice to try if you dont know what sort of diaper that you like. You can find allot of nice diapers to try here for a nice and good price that ABDL Factory have. This is the biggest Diaper Samplepack i have seen.

TotalDry Plus Brief – bambinodiapers.com

It seams that bambinodiapers.com  have start to sell the TotalDry Plus Brief.

TotalDry Plus Brief
TotalDry Plus Brief.

Product information about the TotalDry Plus Brief.

The new TotalDry Plus Fitted Briefs are a moderate absorbency diaper but with high quality features usually found only on premium diapers, providing outstanding value at a cost saving price. The design incorporates a fully shaped core with wide coverage in the rear and extra padding in the sides (great for side sleepers). Super absorbent polymer in the core helps capture and contain fluid and odor, while additional inner standing leg gathers provide extra leakage protection. The extra strength nonwoven lining resists tearing, and unlike standard economy diapers, TotalDry Plus Fitted Briefs feature a printed, reinforced frontal landing zone for refastening without tearing the diaper shell, allowing readjustment for optimum comfort and containment not found on any other moderate diaper.

In sum, this is great value in a daytime diaper with more features than any other diaper in its class!.

  • Double drum form construction.
  • Full size core with wide coverage back and sides (Great for side sleepers).
  • Refastenable tape tabs permit readjustment for custom fit.
  • Reinforced frontal construction panel for extra strength.
  • Extra standing inner leg gathers for security from leakage.
  • Ultra-absorbent polymer traps fluid and odor, helping keep skin dry.
  • Wetness indicator lets you know when it’s time to change.
  • All plastic, all white shell for discreet protection.
  • Fitting instructions printed on bag.

You can shop it form this page:

Seams like it is a special diaper and the print on the front look special. Have any one try this TotalDry Plus Brief ? Should be nice if you could make a comment about what you think about this diaper. Should be nice to know how there are.

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Unique Wellness Review

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Unique Wellness Package
Unique Wellness

This review is written by DaveTDL on ADISC.

There is a lot of hype about the Unique Wellness Brief. They are advertised as “Nasa Adult Diapers” or “Based on NASA Technology”. So one day I checked out their website, created an account, and checked to see what the total cost would be with shipping. Several days later I received a sample of the Unique Wellness large size in the mail. I’ve always wanted to try these to see if they live up to the hype, and now I had my chance. I liked the samples enough that I bought a 20 pack of large. I’ve tried a lot of the premium Adult Diapers, and a lot of them already have reviews on ADISC. And since there is not really a review of them here, I figured I’d give one.

A bit about my use of diapers: I wear diapers only to bed at night, I am mostly a side sleeper, but sometimes sleep on my back. I usually wear anywhere from six to twelve hours at a time. I do use baby powder and no matter what diaper I use, I always wear plastic pants as a backup. I do not have sensitive skin, so rashes have not been a problem. Now on to the review.

Appearance and Construction

These diapers are not very thick….they are thinner than Abena X-Plus and Molicare super. The large size is green in color, and the mediums are blue. They have elastic at the legs, none at the waist. They are plastic backed, and the plastic backing appears to be somewhat thin, but holds up very well. There is a wetness indicator running through the center of the outer backing, and it turns a blue color when it’s time to change. There are standing barriers at the legs. The standing barriers are a bit shorter than some of the others I’ve used, but they do pretty well. Since I don’t usually walk around in them, I can’t really comment on how much noise they make.

Fit and Comfort

The website says that the small/medium fits 26 to 36 inch waist, and the large fits 36 to 46 inch waist. I have about a 40 inch waist so I went with the large. These tend to run a bit big in my opinion. There is a lot of wing to tuck under the back, and the diaper gapped a little bit at the back of the legs. There are specific instructions that the lower tapes need to be angled upwards, and the upper tapes need to be angled downward. Since I put these on myself, I may not be getting the tapes done quite right. I like my diapers snug, and it is difficult for me to get these as snug as I like. But they worked fine for me despite the fit issues. I ordered a sample of the mediums just to see if the fit would be better. The mediums were quite a bit snugger, but I still had the gapping issue at the back of the legs. The tapes on the mediums reached up to the front, but without much to spare. I think if you fall into the upper part or the size range for either the medium or large then they will work fine. I find that these are quite comfortable to wear. Even the snugness of the mediums was not uncomfortable. I can sit down in them just fine, and can hardly feel they are there even with my tossing and turning.


There are two tapes on each side. The Unique Wellness uses the typical two tape system of premium diapers. There is a white tape on top of a blue tape. This is supposed to allow you to re-tape if needed. I have found that most two tape systems do not work well for re-fastening, and this diaper is no exception. Once you have removed the white tape, it does not stick very well to either the blue tape or the plastic backing But the blue tape that sticks to the plastic backing does a good job. I was concerned that the apparent thinness of the backing would be a problem, but even with pulling the tapes hard to try to get a snug fit, I’ve not had one break, nor has it ripped the plastic backing while in use. The real issue I’ve had with the tapes is that the white tape tends to slide off of the blue tape. This has happened on four of the five diapers I’ve used from the pack. The samples did not do this. Once the white tape gets past the blue tape it will stick to the plastic backing sometimes, but this of course results in a loose fit. Several times the tape has become useless after sliding off, requiring an early change. When the tape system works right though, it really works. I’ve never had the blue tape pop off, only the white one.

Absorbency and Containment

These are probably the most absorbent Adult Diapers I’ve ever used. They will take about three full bladders before I even start to feel wet. They absorb pretty quickly, and I don’t have the ‘running liquid’ feeling. They do not wick very well, however. They are supposed to hold over 80 ounces of liquid, and I’m sure they are capable of doing that. But in real world use, they will probably not come close to that. The front of the diaper will be saturated, while the back will be almost bone dry. But they do the job just fine for me. I can go all night without worrying about leaking. As far as messes go, I’ve only tried this once, and the standing barriers and leg elastic did a great job. There was a bit of mess leaking where the diaper was gapping, but it was minor, and probably no fault of the diaper, just the way they fit me. After a while the padding does tend to clump toward the middle of the crotch, but it’s not as bad as some diapers I’ve used. I did notice that the front of the diaper gets a little moist, but this may be because I use plastic pants. I saw something somewhere that said things like that may happen when using plastic pants, and the manufacturer does not recommend using them. I do anyway because I like to have a back-up just in case.

Cost and Conclusion

Overall, this is a very good diaper. Most of the issues I have are probably due to the way they fit me, and I don’t think this is the fault of the diaper. The tape system is my only real complaint, and I will probably send a quick email to customer service about this. I may have had a bad batch or something. As far as performance goes, they are at least as good as Abena or Molicare. I will likely purchase these again as these beat even my previous favorite. They are a bit pricey though. At regular price for a bag of 20, including shipping, they come to about $2 each. Cases have free shipping, there are discount codes, and I’ve seen them on sale for about $7 less than regular price. I got them on sale for about $1.70 each. The cost is worth it though. I suggest getting samples of both medium and large so you can find out which one fits best. The samples come two to a pack, are free, but there is a $1.99 shipping charge.

If you need good protection at night, then these are worth a try. Next to cloth, these are the best diaper I’ve used. If I get a new package and the tapes are better, then these will be my new go to disposable.

The source to the text:

Unique Wellness
Unique Wellness diaper

I would like to thanks DaveTDL for this Unique Wellness Review.