What happened with the pacifier?

What happened with the pacifier?It was an ordinary day for Pikachu. He enjoyed to suck on his pacifier as all babies do. He decided suddenly that he would check into the diaper to see what he could find there. He had recently watched an episode of Rugrats where Tommy had picked up a screwdriver he had in the diaper. So he wanted to check if he had one to. But just as he began to open the front of the diaper so his pacifier fell down and now it looks like the diaper sucking on the pacifier instead of Pikachu.

Pikachu was so surprised and he did not know immediately what he would do because he was missing his pacifier. But he did not want to take it from the diaper because it is cruel not to share.

So what should Pikachu do now? Should he take the pacifier anyway or let it be? He rally wont to have it back becours he miss it.

Draw by: veemonsito

Pokemon custom diapers

pokemon custom diapersI have traveled across the land searching far and wide. these Pokemon to understand the power thats inside

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14562170/

This costume made diaper is created by StormyStripesTiger.

This is some weary good work wounder how it feels to wear a diaper like this? I bet it should be kind of awesome feeling to do that. Do you dont think so to? Special when the work that StormyStripesTiger made on this custom made diaper look so good.

Attends poly br40 absorbency test by diaperman89

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Absorbency test of the Attends brand Large poly adult brief.

Overview video of this diaper:


Text and video by: diaperman89

Wounder what type of diaper Attends poly is? I have newer heard about that name before.

Locked in Diapers and Tied Up

Locked in Diapers and Tied UpAfter seven weeks of getting the tar off me, (it was completely solid, which made the process even longer), I was strapped to an examination table until I was needed again. Then, the researchers had knocked me unconscious and locked me into a stretchy, latex diaper for another experiment. They tied my hands behind my back and glued them together to make sure I couldn’t get out. They locked the door of the small room and it went silent. After about an hour, I had completely soaked my diaper. After about three, I realized that I messed in my diaper a lot more in my buizel form, and the diaper had filled up a lot. My sense of smell must have decreased too, because the smell wasn’t bothering me too much. Two hours after that, I started to think they weren’t coming back, and I struggled as hard as I could against the restraints, but they held tight, and all I did was spread the mess around in my diaper… A tube suddenly dropped down from the ceiling and got forced into my mouth. The tube forced me to eat a lot of mushy food, but then I felt something hard for a second in my mouth before it was forced down into my stomach.

7 hours later, the researchers were surprised to see how much I had filled my diaper. They both gagged when realized how bad I smelled. I couldn’t help but smile as they argued about who had to change me. But I don’t think I’m going to be changed anytime soon, because no one know’s where they left the key, and I have a strange feeling the hard thing I was fed gave a good indication of where it was now…

Story and drawing by: Poke-anima

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14478347/

Yes i think so to that the hard thing that he notes in his food was the key to his diaper. Wounder how many hours he is force to wear this messy diaper?


Pwease Don’t Tickle Me

Pwease Don't Tickle MePlease dont tickle me. Foxy knows that lot of adult love to tickle cubs because they start to giggling so cute that only cubs can do. And Foxy is weary tickles under his feet and they always tickling him there to and most of the time he end up wetting his diaper and that make him blushing but the adult found him even more cute and continue to tickling him.

Some time the thick diaper end up pretty wet after they have tickling him so they need to change it.

It is weary hard for the adult to dont tickling something this cute and if he have an accident his diaper can handle it so it is nothing to worry about.

Draw by: natsu-cat

Assurance Protective Briefs Maximum Protection Overview

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Assurance Maximum Protection adult briefs are traditional styled cloth backed diapers designed for people with medium incontinency. I found they worked best for daytime use in warmer weather.

Text and video by: diaperman89


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