Cubs restaurant

Cubs restaurantA new restaurant was recently opened in the neighborhood ,but was exclusive and only for cubs!Matt, the boss and Mike decided to carry all the pups to  the new restaurant!
The restaurant was large enough for an adult to enter in, but everything there, from the tables to the menu was cub size!
Every cub was jumping with excitement, but then, something happened and as always…a fight began between them!
The silly cubs were fighting over a chair!”Me first!”,”I’m bigger than you!”,”Shut-up,chicken head!”

But they had forgotten that their parents were there too!And immediately the operation “Spanking” had begun!One of the rules that had that restaurant  and was included in  the menu  was… “spankings”, and that was added absolutely free!Lol!^^

Caiden: tugscarebear

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor Sammy, Remi and Caiden they always seems to end up in some big trouble and they newer learn even if there butt always are red from all the spanking they are receiving almost every day.

Surprise diaper check – lildiaper


I am not sure that this girls dad is going to see if his little baby girl need a new diaper whit that kind of check.

Diaper Dance Malfunction

Diaper Dance MalfunctionSparks as a baby pichu, was dancing and shaking his cute behind with his diaper until it came loose and blushes >w<

Draw, Sparks and text by pichu90


Poor Sparks now he is standing there whit a cute naked butt all blushing.

Ricky shows off his big chu diapers

Ricky shows off his big chu diaperspichuboy – now with him showing off his big chu diapers, the same type from a previous picture

Ricky: pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90


So cute looks like Ricky is very proud of showing off the big chu diapers :)

REARZ Spoiled Changes V1 vs V2.0 Most Absorbent Diaper

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Video posted by Rearz Inc

Ricky drinks his water

Ricky drinks his waterpichuboy drinking water as his big boy self, looking chubby as ever.

Ricky: pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90


Looks like Ricky have a nice and cozy time whit his baby bottle and it seems like he love to drink from it to :) I can understand that it is something that every cubs love to do.