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Save Express start to sell the plastic Abri form

Save Express-Abri Form X-Plus Plastic Version

It seams that Save Express have start to sell the plastic version of the Abri form x-plus again. It seams strange for me because what i have heard they should stop making this product any more. Maybe it is only temporarily back in store or if they have start to get this adult diapers from US now there they still producing this diaper. I have send a e-mail to Save Express and ask them about this so i hope that i going to get a respond soon about this. It should be good if this adult diapers is back in store for a long time. I think allot of people is going to like that.

I maybe going to let you all know they respond that i get from Save Express about this question and i hope it is a good respond that i going to receive. But i think it can be good to place a order now if they get out of stock again.

If you live in US and wont to have the plastic version of Abri Form X-plus you can bought them from Age Comfort.

Take a look, It’s in a book

Take a look, It's in a book
Take a look, It’s in a book

Racoon: notoriginal77

Draw by: Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10493302/

I can see that notoriginal77 have a very relaxing and nice  time whit his book and diaper and i can understand that. It is always nice and clam when you have your padding/diaper on. That make you very relaxing and it is nice that you dont need to go away to visit the potty to. You can relax and let it come in the diaper and change when you have the time for it or when you wont to change your diaper. That is one of the best thing to wear diaper/padding it is made to handle this type of things.

So the only thing you need to to is to relax now whit you book notoriginal77. The diaper is going to take care of any thing else. Like it is made to do. :) And remember that you can always be happy and relax in your diaper :)

Max Diaper Extend Wide

Max Diaper Extend Wide

It seams like Max Diaper have start to sell there diapers would wide now :) Thats is good and i hope this is going to help people to know that you now can shop Fabine and ABU diapers from this Swedish reseller

If you wont your product to be available in this store you can check this page out.

I have a blog post that i made when i order diapers from this store the first time. It was when the for the first time open the gate to there store. So i think lots have happen over this first year. But if you wont to read about it you find the post here. The blog post is in English so you need to understand Swedish or translate the page if you are going to understand it.

I hope that you are going to like your order if you decide that you should make one. And i hope that you are going to like there shop. I wish you the best of luck whit your first order on Max diaper and hope that you are going to like there service.


You Cannot Deny That You Love Diapers


Draw by: operationfluff

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10461367/

Yes i can agree to the pitcher that you dont can deny that you like to wear your diapers and use them like the are made for. You need to accept that you are a diaper wetting lover and you dont can deny what you like to wear and use. That is only bad and hard for you to stop wear them. You are going to miss you diapers allot. I know i have bean there my self. But i have learn over time to accept my diaper and dont deny any more that i like to wear and use them.

Order from Perlasensua-shop

perlasensua-shop logo

I made an order on Perlasensua-shop. I decide that i should order some Baby Perfumes that are going to make my diaper smell like a baby diaper do. I know i have some bottles left from my previous order but i cannot find it. So i decide that i should make a new order and even try some new diapers to.

May order look like this:

Baby perfume – Powder fresh 30 ml.

Magic fresh.

Diaper fresh.

Plasticized nappies NIGHT MEDIUM (1 Diaper).

Should be nice to see when i going to get my order. I think i will have the ordering in the beginning of the next week. I have dont order from Perlasensua-shop in over a year.

Diaper Pins On Disposables

reprinted with permission from the author.

I’ve seen the topic come up many times about defects with some disposable diapers.  Often the discussion revolves around the diaper tapes either comming loose, being defective or being so old they no longer stick.  Often people say their solution for loose or defective tapes is to use packing tape or even duct tape to keep their diaper on tight.  Yes, it works, but how does it look?  Especially for those who are AB and are looking for that baby effect.  Then you have to always have a roll of packing or duct tape handy just in case, and there is the cost of always buying tape.

I have a different solution that probably a lot of younger members who were always raised in disposables as babies and toddlers may not even think about.  Diaper pins.  Very simple, easy to use, a one time investment and they don’t take up much room at all!  They work excellent for me when I have a tape that pops off or just won’t stick.  They work equally as well if the tape comes off from the back of the diaper where it’s attached by the manufacturer.  I once bought a package of Tranquility ATN’s that had defective tapes.  Everytime I pulled the back of the diaper around to tape it in front, the tapes pulled off from the back leaving me with a diaper that had no tapes at all.

Here is how I do it that works the best for me.  I am right handed, so on the right side of my diaper I tape the diaper on as usual, but knowing the tape will probably pop off, I put a diaper pin in the back part of the tape, meaning through the tape and diaper where the tape has been attached to the back of the diaper by the manufacturer.  The pin goes through the tape, through the diaper, then forward and out through the front panel of the diaper and through the front of the tape, the part that you would attach to the front panel.

On the left side I basically do the same except that I start by putting the pin through the front part of the tape, the part I would stick to my diaper.  The pin goes through the tape and diaper, then when I push the pin back through it comes out through the back of the diaper through the tape where it has been attached by the manufacturer.  Hence, the pins on the right side of my diaper have the heads facing frontwards, and on the left side they face towards the rear.  It’s just easier for me to do it that way, but you could do the left side the same as the right, facing the pins forwrds instead.

By putting the pins through the actual tapes themselves, it does two things.  Helps make sure you are pinning your diaper on in the proper way as the tapes are already there showing you where the diaper should attach, and more importantly, since disposables are made with plactic or cloth like backing but are still easy to tear, the tapes add all the strength you will need so they don’t tear loose from the pins going through your diaper.  Plus you have the added satisfaction that your diaper looks better with actual diaper pins instead of ugly duct tape!

Picture 1 shows the right side enhanced for better visibility of the tapes and diaper pins.

Picture 2 shows the right side not enhanced and natural looking.

Picture 3 is the left side enhanced for better visibility (notice the pin heads facing to the back).

Picture 4 is the left side of my diaper not enhanced.

Diaper Pins right side 2 Diaper Pins right side 3 Diaper Pins left side 2Diaper Pins left side 3