Foxys Sleepy time

Foxys Sleepy time
After a long day of playing outside in the sandbox whit his favorite truck it was time for Foxy to go to sleep. Some evenings Foxy did dent like to sleep that means he need to be quiet and could not play anymore. He was not even allow to play whit his Pikachu plush after his mother or daddy have read his bedtime story and he had finish his bottle of milk.

Way i am not allow to play right now?

Draw by ZombiNeko

Need more baby powder

Need more baby powderFoxys mother have recently put on some new diaper on Foxy but he quickly notes that his diaper did dent have the nice and cozy powder smell so he decided to add some more. But when he was on his way to do that his mother walk back in to his nursery and notes what he was about to do and started to scream: WAIT THATS NOT BABY POWDER that is your milk.

Do you think foxy was able to stop it in time?

Draw by ZombiNeko

Birthday Wish

Birthday WishGift to armorkuwagata from jaymanney4life

Draw by RobbieFTT

Looks like the wish she make worked and she get the baby that she was wished for when she blew out the candles on the cake.

Vampire munk

Vampire munkI’m here for your candy

Ricky and text by: Pichuboy

Draw by TaviMunk


That is one scary pichu vampire that we have here. It seems like he have get himself a loaded basket whit candy to eat to :)

Crinklz EU Production Update


Dear customers,

We would like to share some additional details about the new Crinklz products with you. Due to the more modern packing technology we will now use, the new Crinklz products appear thinner than the old ones when taken out of the package. Whereas in reality the new Crinklz products are even heavier than the old ones (210 to 200 g for size M and 230 to 217 g for size L). By gently shaking the product and letting it sit for a bit, a similar degree of fluffiness as the old diapers can be achieved.
The performance of the absorbent core was markedly improved by using high quality European components. It was cost prohibitive to use these components when our products were made in China. For example, the absorption speed for Crinklz size L will now be 7,3 ml/s as opposed to 4,7 ml/s for the old made in China products (tested in accordance with the German MDS HI test standard by an independent institute). The acquisition and distribution layer (ADL) will also be significantly larger, which contributes to the improvements. As previously stated the new products will no longer feature a tapezone. However, the new plastic film is a slightly elastic high-tech material. Based on the feedback we received from our prototype testers, larger double tapes with extra high tack will be used. The plastic film and tapes are both Made in Germany. Since there will no longer be a tapezone, we did some adjustments to the design to give you better tape alignment cues.
The leak barriers will be extra high (about 5,5 cm) to compensate for the narrower cut in the crotch. These high barriers are also perfectly suited for the optional use of diaper inserts to boost absorbency even more. You can see all the product features and changes in the attached graphics.

The first production run will take place in calendar week 50. Shortly thereafter the new products will ship to our worldwide customers. Availability then depends on when the deliveries arrive. We will update the list of distributors soon.

We are impatiently waiting for the arrival of the new products together with you!

The Crinklz Team

Source for the text and the photo:

Squishey at the computer

Squishey at the computerIts always baby time in this nursery xD.

Everything by kratox


It is always a good thing to be wearing some thick and good diapers when you decide to spend the day behind the computer and this fox’s wet diaper butt is the proof of that.

But I would suggest that he begins to think about to taking a break soon and changing his diaper before it starting to leak on the chair that should be something very bad