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Psych Out :Episode 2: Diapers? – Video

Created by and starring Evalina Turpin
Filmed and Edited by Danny MAlin

This is relay a crazy story about a girl that have fear for diapers and visit a psychologist about it. I bet that you can figure out what is going to happen in the end of this movie? Yes she is going to be put in some adult diapers and be part in some ageplay. So you can easy say that she visiting the Psychologist whit fear of diapers and in the end she get curd from this fear and starting to enjoy to wear diapers.

You can relay call this a Psych Out Youtube clip.

Find Some Special Hypnosis files on Warp My Mind

I find some Special hypnosis file on Warp MY Mind when i surf around there today. So i decide that i should like to mention the free files in this blog post.

Wetting Challenge

Description: This mean, but fun little file would challenge you not to wet yourself, but contain lots and lots of irresistable suggestions that make you need to go. In the end, are you up to the challenge? Will you be able to avoid wetting yourself? It almost seems as if you can make it! In the end, you may even be allowed to stand up and go to the bathroom… but where was that bathroom again? How could you foget? And if you find it, will you do so in time? And do you even remember how to use it? Maybe you’ll find it eventually. Maybe you will be able to relieve yourself before things get really embarassing. But wait… wasn’t there something else? Something about pulling down your pants first? And what is the toilet doing in the kitchen? Oh my…

Diaper Trap

Description: While wearing a diaper, you will be unable to hold your pee, making you bladder incontinent. You will remain incontinent for two hours after your remove the diaper, thus, giving you a choice… sit on the toilet for two hours, wet your pants for two hours, or… put another diaper on, where it all begins again.

You can download this files from this page.

Curse Diaper Humiliation

Description: A VERY extreme curse for those into diapers and humiliation. You will be forced to wear and use diapers 24/7. You will be completely incontinent You will wear nothing but diapers when in a private or mostly-private setting, and must wear the thickest, most noticable diapers under your clothes when in public. You will gladly tell anyone who asks that you wear diapers because you wet and mess your pants like a baby. You will only be able to change if your diaper is 100% full. You must masturbate before every diaper change, loudly exclaiming how much you love your diaper.

Trig Potty Amnesia

Description: This is like an incontinence file with an extra bonus. When you hear the phrase, “Babies don’t know about the potty,” you will be completely incontinent of both bladder and bowels (diapers are helpful!), and you will know everything that a baby knows about the potty and going potty — in other words, not much! You won’t recognize when you have to go, you won’t notice when you’re going if possible, and you might not even notice after you’ve gone. The potty is something for grownups, which you are not, so you don’t think about using it. It cannot possibly occur to you that this or that feeling means it’s time to go potty, because you don’t know what going potty is anymore. If you don’t have someone else to change your diapers, you may remember that the potty is useful for getting rid of the mess in messy diapers, but that’s all! In all other ways you remain normal, but you can’t remember what a potty is for or what feelings tell you it’s time to go potty, until you hear the phrase, “Time to grow up.”

You find the file here to download for free.

The last one sounds relay special and nice. But is not the trigger word little bit to long?

Haw you get this hypnosis files to work? If you have way not share your story in a comment below?


First Quality adult diaper max absorbency test – Video

Video created by: diaperman89.

Doing a absorbency test on a First Quality adult diaper.

Final result = 2050ml / 134.6g.


Seams like this is a relay good diaper if it can handle 2050ml. But i wondering should it be the same result if he was wearing the diaper? I dont know how exact this type of diaper test can be. I should like to see a test when he wear the diaper to so i can see if it is any different between the two test way.

I have post more videos from diaperman89. You can check out them here if you like.

List of store that sell Firts Quality Adult Diaper.

If you decide that you wont to try this diaper for your self and see how this diapers works for you.

Medex Supply – Have this diaper brand: Kendall, Attends, Prevail, Tena/SCA, Tranquility, First Quality and Medline.

Direct Line Medical Supply – Have follow diaper brand: First Quality, StayDry, Value Buy and Prevail.

Incontinence Supplies at medicalsupplydepot – Have Follow brand: Invacare, Attends, Attends Healthcare Prod, Covidien, Discovery Trekking Outft, First Quality, Hartmann-Conco and Tranquility.


Diapers I Wear Them

Diapers I Wear Them
Diapers I Wear Them

Source: http://dailydiapers.tumblr.com/post/49913935277/reblog-if-you-do

This was a nice pitcher and i can agree to the pitcher that i am proud to wear and use my diaper like i should be. How about you? Are you a proud diaper wearer to?

If you are it should be nice if you made a comment below that show us all how proud you are to wear your diaper.

Looking forward to see your comment and wish you a very good and nice diaper time :) You cannot deny that you love to wear and use your diaper like a good baby should :) Way should you use the potty when you have your pressures diaper that you can use instead. It is what there are made for to handle if you know what i mean ;)

  • You Cannot Deny That You Love Diapers (myabdllife.com)
  • How To Be Comfortable Wearing Diapers (adriansurley.com)
  • What’s This Diaper Thing All About, Anyway? (adriansurley.com)
  • Learning to Wear Diapers in Public (adriansurley.com)

Shade koopa Goblin artifact

Shade koopa Goblin artifact
Shade koopa Goblin artifact

another one has surfaced… and poor shadekoopa is stuck with this one for some time to come…

Reptilian: shadekoopa

Draw by: catmonkshiro

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10550413/

I can agree it seams that he going to be stock in thick diapers for a wail and it is going to be wet to. A babyfur can dont understand when it is time to go potty so they use there diapers for that. That is nothing wrong whit that. Diapers is made to handle things like that and a thick diaper that shadekoopa can handle allot of big flood before he needs a change. But he maybe need a thicker diaper when it comes to night times when the diaper needs to be on for a longer time then daytime

You can find lots of more art from catmonkshiro here. I hope that you going to like what you see.

Save Express start to sell the plastic Abri form

Save Express-Abri Form X-Plus Plastic Version

It seams that Save Express have start to sell the plastic version of the Abri form x-plus again. It seams strange for me because what i have heard they should stop making this product any more. Maybe it is only temporarily back in store or if they have start to get this adult diapers from US now there they still producing this diaper. I have send a e-mail to Save Express and ask them about this so i hope that i going to get a respond soon about this. It should be good if this adult diapers is back in store for a long time. I think allot of people is going to like that.

I maybe going to let you all know they respond that i get from Save Express about this question and i hope it is a good respond that i going to receive. But i think it can be good to place a order now if they get out of stock again.

If you live in US and wont to have the plastic version of Abri Form X-plus you can bought them from Age Comfort.