Babyfur Comic: The Babymaker – Page 2

The Babymaker - Page 2Draw by BananaButt


What is a diaper doing in this treasure chest?

Yes this is really a good question what this baby stuff is doing in a look treasure chest? Is this really a treasure chest or some kind of baby chest?

Do mom friends dont understand that i am a boy?

Do mom friends dont understand that i am a boy?Yes Foxys mother friends dont seems to understand that when they sign him up for some ballerina training that this is kind of embarrassing for a boy like Foxy.

Only hope that Foxys friends dont going to see him wearing something like this. That should be very blushing.

Draw by Diapered-buns

Naughty kitty

Naughty kittyOrder by: tucker199

Draw by emeritus_terciel


Looks like this cubs is going to be put back into some thick diaper instead off this Pull-ups that can not handle his heavy flooding.

How much for that Argi in the window?

how much for that Argi in the window?Raccoon Not_original77

Draw by mrtastictoast


Bondage and display and to be force to where nothing else then the diaper and a gag

Wounder if something is going to buy him?

anixen unzipped 6

anixen unzipped 6Baby anixen

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor little girl It is newer fun to be sitting there in a messy diaper special when you are not use to messy your diaper. But it looks like someone is going to help you get use to it.

First time

First timeHere is Ellie and David, Saying to Ellie Try diapers again, but this time we are doing Outside.

Ellie: Are you Really Think no One Notices the diapers?

David: you Skirt Hides Well your diaper and my diaper is Well hidden.

Ellie: i gonna put the panties Just in Case someone wants watch.

David: i don´t think your Undies hide you diaper well after all.

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Yes i agree whit David i think Ellies skirt is going to hide the diaper pretty good so i dont think she is going to need to put this panties on. Bay they way i dont think they could cover match of that thick diaper any way.