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Santa’s Almost Here

Santa's Almost Here
Santa’s Almost Here.

Sleeping peacefully while waiting for Santa to arrive.

Pichu: Pichuboy.

Draw by: Amiko.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12204673/

Aww so cute Pichu is looking so cute when he sucking on his thumb when he sleep. But it look like he forgot to have his Pikachu plushy in his arm to. Maybe he woke up and fix it lather ? I bet he is going to be surprise in the morning when he woke up and found all the nice Christmas presents that santa have left for him. Wounder what sort of toys he have wish for this year? I hope it is something nice and fun things to play whit. Maybe some more cars that he can play whit or some nice movies that he can watch.

Issa Secret!

Issa Secret!
Issa Secret!.

Issa is going to be a bubblebutt!

Wolf: BabyCyanWolf.

Draw by: lincub.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12197023/

Yes Issa is going to be a bubblebutt weary soon special whit all this shampoo that Issa have in the diaper now and coming to have. Wounder if she is going to empty all the shampoo in the diaper? Wounder what is going to happen when she wet it? And the most imported thing of all what are the mom is going to say about this when she found out what Issa have bean up to whit the shampoo bottle. Maybe she is going to spank Issa for this or maybe she is going to be place in a corner for a time out?

It should be weary nice to see what happens special whit the shampoo that is inside Issas diaper right now. I bet that should be something to see.

Foxy and Ronald play in the mud

Foxy and Ronald play in the mud
Foxy and Ronald play in the mud.

When Foxy and Ronald was out playing they find some mud and like all cubs they also like to play in the mud. So they decide to sit down close to the mud and starting to play whit it. And they have a weary fun time and they dont thinking about what they mom is going to say when they decide to go back in all muddy like all cubs are when they have playtime in the mud.

Hope the mom is not going to be to mad on them now when she found out what they have play in the mud. But that is something i think she have count whit special when they have done this things before.

Cubs abdl86 and ronaldmccoon.

Draw by: amiko.

Too full can’t get up

Too full can't get up
Too full can’t get up.

His pichu so full from Thanksgiving dinner, much like Sparks :3

Pichu: pichuboy.

Draw by: pichu90.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12184999/

Yes it look like pichuboy have a very full tummy right now maybe he eat to match during the Thanksgiving dinner? I hope he dont end up whit a stomach ache from all this nice and tasty food that he have eating. Maybe he should have a nap to relax from this nice dinner that allot of babys do after they have eat something. And i hope that he have a nice and comfy rest now when his tummy is loaded whit all this nice food. And we all know what all this food is going to end up in lather. Yes it going to end up in his diaper and i think it going to be a big mess when that happens.

The best things in life are meant to be shared

The best things in life are meant to be shared
The best things in life are meant to be shared.

Especially apple pie X3

Commission for pichuboy who came up with the idea of his chu with a diapered Sparks :3

Fortunately there is plenty of pie to go around ^-^.

Pichu: pichu90 and pichuboy.

Draw by: pichu90.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12162673/

Yes i agree whit pichuboy that allot of things in life can be nice to share whit someone that you like. And from the look on the face you have it seems that you like your pichu friend Sparks allot and it is weary nice that you decide to share a
part of the apple pie whit him and it seems like he love it allot :) And this maybe make you even more happy that you can share this nice apple pie whit your friend.



Hangovers turn cute cubs into little demons.

Cub: muira_wolf_pup

Draw by: kurowolfboy

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12156669/.

Something in this picture dont seems to be right? A boy in his age should not smoke or drink it is not good for him to do that. I only ope his parents found out about this thing. Wounder what his parents is going to do whit him? Maybe they are going to spank him or something for this. If they decide to do that i think he have deserve it a baby should not use this sort of thing it is weary dangerous for him and he need to learn that he dont should take things that belongs to his mom and dad.