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Crinklz Diaper Review From DiaperReindeer

Video belongs to DiaperReindeer

You can find this Crinklz in a couple onlin ABDL shop on the Internet.

You can find information on what online store that sell this diapers on the Crinklz website.


Three Strikes You’re Out!

Three Strikes You're Out!It was not a good day for the eldest Smith pup. The day started off bad when Kyle forgot to take the garbage out to the curb because it was trash day. He was politely reminded by his mother that he forgot and he got snippy. That would usually earn him at least a time-out if not more, but they were already running late for school so Cheryl just gave him a stern lecture on the way there. Strike one. The day didn’t get any better for the pup when he was caught cheating on a math class just before lunch and sent to the principal’s office where he was sentenced to a half day suspension. Cheryl and Caiden had to leave the grocery store went to pick him up. Typically that would earn him a spanking, but Cheryl decided to have mercy and just make him go to bed early and write an apology letter to the teacher. Strike two. While in the car Cheryl gave him another lecture and ordered him to put his pajamas on (overnight protection and all) and start on that letter because as soon as his father was home he was to be put to bed. Kyle went upstairs to change into his pajamas and Goodnites, but found that he was out of Goodnites. He asked his mother if she bought any but she informed him that they had to leave the store to go pick him up from school and told him to just wear one of his brothers diapers to bed for tonight. That did not please Kyle at all and muttered “Stupid Mutt” at his mother a little to loud and she heard it. Strike three. “Just wait until your father gets home.” threatened his mother as she was livid that he used that kind of language at her. He went upstairs quickly, knowing that he really messed up now, and put on one of his brothers diapers and went straight to work on that letter. As soon as Mike returned home from work, Cheryl filled him in. It was one thing to get caught cheating or being snippy in the morning, but disrespecting Cheryl was a big no-no in the Smith house and Mike was not happy at all. He called Kyle downstairs and gave him a stern lecture before grabbing the paddle and Kyle’s paw. To Kyle’s dismay he was dragged to the bathroom to be given an attitude adjustment while his little brother was right there snickering.

Order: tugscarebear

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=850014

This spanking is going to hurt allot on Kyles butt when the paddle is that big.

Snuggies Waddler Overnight

Snuggies Diapers have recently released a new product that they call Waddler Overnight that seems to be designed for for the night.

Snuggies Waddler OvernightThe Waddler Overnight is the newest product from the Snuggies line. We took everything from the Waddler that people loved and gave it more. Snuggies has introduced a market first fade when wet design with the Waddler Overnight, no other ABDL diaper on the planet has this! The Waddler Overnight packs in twice the absorption, stronger plastic, star designed wetness indicators and introduces standing blue leak guards to the Snuggies line. The Waddler Overnight is sold in bags of 10, half cases and full cases. Our products are the most authentic and comfortable adult baby diapers on the market.

The Waddler Overnight are available in Medium and Large.

Click on the link above if you wont to place a order.

I hope i am going to be able to read a review about this new Snuggies Waddler Overnight soon. Should be nice to know what people think about it.

So far they dont seems to be available in Europe yet. But i keep you updated if i find a store that are going to sell them. But so far it dont seems like it going to be any time soon.



Do you  remember when Matt regressed the boss into a baby? http://www.myabdllife.com/2014/09/20/baby-boss/

Oh well…The boss decided to “play” around with the youth formula on Matt …and now  Matt is transformed into a very cute and adorable little baby!

1155792_nelson88_regressed_2The boss:”The regression effects  will last for one day, my big boy!Don’t worry!I will  take a good care of you!Even , the twins will change your diaper when it’s  necessary!My little white bottom!”

The twins:”Dawwwwwwww!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=850478

Yes i agree that Matt look weary cute ass a baby special when he drink that baby bottle. He really seems to love drinking from it to :)

Hope the boss dont forget to help Matt burp after he have finish his bottle. So he dont going to have any stomach ache.

Back to Diapers

Back to Diapers

Poor Dan, having wet the bed enough time, he’s being put back in diapers. Danny tries to cheer Dan up by showing him that he “needs diapers” also, but it backfires and makes Dan want to stay dry. XD

Draw by Tato

Text and order: Rogeykun

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16536748/

Yes poor Dan first time back in diapers is always hard. Good thing that he have a good friend like Danny thats help him to understand that the diapers is going to help him to keep the bed dry so he dont wake up whit wet bed sheets any more.

Thats is a weary good friendship this two have.

Save Express Have Start The Shipping On Crinklz

Today it seems that Save Express have start the shipping on the new Crinklz diaper. I have mad a order and hope that i going to get my package at the end off the week or the beginning on the next week. I going to post some photos when i have receive the package.


If you wont to place a order on this Crinklz you can find them here: http://www.saveexpress.de/de/search?sSearch=Crinklz