Making Stinkies

Making StinkiesCrunch is a notorious stinker, and he’s doing what he does best; filling up his diapers with a sly grin on his face. hopefully he doesn’t mind Mommy and Daddy snapping this picture of him, and hopefully they don’t mind changing that stinky diaper.

Crunch and text by poochyena

Draw by fuzzymcfuzz


Yes it sure look and smell that Crunch have made a big and messy load in his diaper this diaper. Good thing it seems to be handle it pretty good.

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Aw man

Aw manpoor toyapup stepping out of his (poorly drawn) clothes.

wasn’t the first suprise i’m sure :3c

Wolf: toyapup

Draw and text by _RainyDays_


Poor wolf looks like he already have end up in some wet diapers. No need to blush little wolf it is normal for cubs to end up whit some wet diaper thats way you where them for protection.

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Babyfur Comic: How to Get Girls Part 1 and 2

How to Get Girls Part 1Bear Digitz

Draw by Friar


Yes i bet this was not something that he thought could happen when he was talking to that girl that he would like to get more attention from the girls. Now when he is a baby again he is going to get allot of it.

How to Get Girls Part 2Bear Digitz

Draw by Friar


Poor little boy. It look like the girls is going to make him stay in the baby state for some time now. Poor boy he dont look so happy about it.

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