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Now the team knows

Now the team knows

Now the team knows.

Now EVERYONE knows my secret for watching games without leaving the couch. My onsies buttons snapped on me and my pants fell down *cries* why does this keep happening to me?!

Cub: island.

Draw by: reva_the_scarf.


It it not so fun when this thing happen special when you out on the football field where you dont can find any place to hide quick to fix this. I hope no on is notes this and if they do i hope they dont going to tease you because you wearing a diaper. But it can easy happen that some of the other plays have trouble whit this and start to call you a baby or maybe start to ask if the baby need a new diaper. That should be something weary humiliating if they start whit that so i hope that this dont give you any trouble now when they have found out that you wear diapers. The best thing should be if they think this is a awesome thing and start to wear diapers to so every one can keep full focus on the football but i dont think that is going to happen.

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Problem whit my onesies

Problem whit my onesies

Problem whit my onesies.

I have some big problem whit my onesies every time i stand or crawl it open and i dont know what the problem is. And to get it back on is so hard and difficult maybe i need to go and ask my mommy about this to she if she can help me whit this.

What Foxy did dent know is that his mother have start to put him in thick diaper and the onesies that he is wearing right now is not made to fit this new thick diaper that he is wearing. So it look like Foxys mother need to bought a new onesies that fit over his thicker diaper that he need to wear from now and forward. and something that Foxy dont think about is when he wet the diaper it going to get bigger and that means it going to take up more space in the onesies and it going to be harder and harder for him to get the onesies that he wears now around the diaper.

Draw by: zanten94

I got the id for this drawing from rainydays and hitnrun17 and i would like to thank them for that. And if you wont to check there version of this problem you can click on this link:

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Warlock is enjoying a good book

Warlock is enjoying a good book

Warlock is enjoying a good book.

I always wike a gudd book ba da pictures are upside downs?

Thank yew Tavi I wuv wuv wuv its *hugs and snugs*.

Warlock: Warlockfoxfire.

Draw by: tavimunk.


Yes it is always nice and fun to enjoying a good book together whit your plushy. But it seems like something is wrong here? You are reading the book upside down but you seems to enjoy it any way so it maybe dont is any sort of problem whit that so long that you are happy whit what you read and the pictures in your book thats all that really mates. And for the second i dont thing you can read yet so you maybe need to ask an adult or your caretaker if they can read this book for you. I bet that you have pick a weary good book that you love allot. But i bet you should like it even more if you had your pacifier whit you. way do you dont have your pacifier whit you? Have you lost it or something? Hard to say but i hope that is not the case.

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Pre sale of the new Fabine Exclusive

Now have open there pre – sale of the new Fabine Exclusive. You can order the diaper on there shop that you find here. They start they pre-sale delivery in the end of Jan 2014 so it going to be awhile before you receive your order.

Here is a little newsletter from the company that i receive yesterday about the new Fabine Exclusive.

Dear customers.

we are back from our diaper factory. and the pre – sale of the new Fabine Exclusive + in the new design starts today.

here are the pre – sale prices for the 500 cartons we give free for the pre – sale. If the 500 cartons are sold out, there will be the old prices again.

Fabine Exclusive + new Design, in a carton with 10 bags of 8 (80 diapers in Carton) for only € 99.00 Fabine Exclusive + in the new design, with 8 diapers each bag for only € 12.99. grab them before the pre – sale stock is sold out, so cheap you will not get the new

Fabine Exclusive + again.

Here is further information on the new Fabie Exclusive + in the new design.
Our Fabine Exclusive + has the following features:

1. High absorben

(After practice test on the entire area around 4l, in carrying 2.5 to 2.7 l)

2. additional wet storage

3. beautiful colorful outer film

4. new top sheet

5. better inside cuffs

6. new moisture distributor

The advantage with our diaper is, you do not need any additional deposits, saving time

and money. Frequent winding is eliminate

You will simply love it! A diaper as the world has never seen!

Your’s Buntewindel Team

Sounds like they have some really good and nice pre-sale price here so if you wont to order it for this nice price it can be good to make your order now before the price change.

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Daddy’s Third Video Wet Diaper

Video description:

Daddy, DL, Likes To Wear Diapers Third Video.
Visit: Diaper Boys Club

Video posted by DaddyDiaperBoysClub

It look like Daddy have a weary wet and soggy diaper and i hope it dont start to leak if he decide to sit down in a chair. But i am wounder what type of brand this is? I dont think i have seen this diaper before. Do any won know what type of diaper this is? If you do please comment about it below that should be something nice to know the name of this diaper it look to be a weary thick diaper to and that make me wont to know the name even more.

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Mean Cubs (Gift art)

Mean Cubs

Mean Cubs.

One day, the boss was in charge of the twins, including little Foxy!
Remi and Sammy were bored and decided to “play” with Foxy!

Remi:”Look Sammy!That Pikachu plush is good to use as a ball!”

And Sammy snatched from  Foxy’s little  paws, his Pikachu  plushie!And they began to throw it to each other!

Foxy started screaming at the top of his lungs and said:”BOOOSSSSSSS!Remi and Sammy are bothering me!”
And he began to cry!

Mean Cubs punishment

Mean Cubs punishment.

And as you will see in this second drawing, Sammy and Remi got their reward…the boss  put on them  a little itching powder inside their diapers!Lol!

This two drawings is a gift art that i have receive from nelson88 and his friend Victor.

I think Sammy and Remi get a good reward for the bad thing they have done. You should newer use trow a plushy like a boll special my Pikachu plushy that i love allot and beside he dont like when people trow him. The only place he really like is in my arms where he get allot of hugs and cuddling that he know that i like thats way he is my best friend and i love him.

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