Another Demonstration, Another Diaper

Another Demonstration, Another DiaperArt by Blankie of my own plush pupper, dealing with the aftermath of someone else wanting to give his ‘drinking’ feature a go. At least he was equipped to deal with the mess afterwords.

Plush dog and text by TailsCorra

Draw by Blankie

Source: //

At lest it is something that he manage to handle :)

Lilac´s automated diaper changer

Lilac´s automated diaper changerCommission Piece for brandonh9895 over DA, she is getting prepared for her diaper change by an automated changing station :)

The nervous dog belongs to brandonh9895

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco

Source: //

Aww poor cub looks like she is a little worry about being on the diaper changing machine. Poor thing but it looks like the diaper she is wearing is in need of a diaper change so it seems like she dont have any choice here. It is not a good thing to be playing around whit a to wet diaper for to long.

Who’s the boss

Who's the bossDon’t mess with that lynx… she is not one to go easy on someone who’s being a brat

Order by Northernwolf

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

Source: //

Yes it sure seems like someone is going to learn the lesson here special if the stuff that lynx is saying are true.

I sure love the desperate and blushing look that Lynx victim have.

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Sunbathing Summers

Sunbathing Summers
Here we have Sapphire out in her hammock relaxing and resting after a long day of herding sheep and working on the farm~ Seems as though her caretaker decided to put her into her special overnite sheepherding diapers hence the extra poof! Oh well she might be clean for now but that relaxing will result in her being quite the soaked doggy~. But for now she can sunbathe and relax after a long day!.

Sapphire and text by bestsage

Draw by airwolf1987

Source: //

Yes it sure seems like Sapphire sure have a relaxing time in the hammock and i agree whit the caretaker that wearing a good thick diaper sure is kind of nice and good. Now she can only focus about relaxing and having a good time outside relaxing.

Cyan Diaper pail

Cyan Diaper pailOf Mrs.Cyan being tossed in a diaper pail.

Order by BabyCyanWolf

Draw and text by Perfectly.Patches

Source: //

Aww poor Mrs.Cyan looks like another soggy wet diaper is one its way to get dump into the diaper pail. It sure most start to be pretty stinky inside that pail right now whit all those well used diaper inside.

What have happen to here to deserve a stinky fiat like this one? It sure not going to be easy now whit another soggy wet diaper inside the pail now. But at lest the pail dont store any messy diapers. I think it should stink even more inside the diaper pail then.