Snowball Comic

Snowball ComicSnowball doing various things, like pointing coyly to himself, almost losing his balance, and lying tummy down. Sorry for the simplicity of the comic and in particular the background; I leave it up to you to decide what’s going on in the comic.

Snowball belongs to Kurikia.

Draw and text by warpwarp1929


Yes this sure show Snowball in all kind of different cute views.

Messy Rex

Messy Rex

A request from Anon draw by Barn


Giggle this Tyrannosaurus RexMessy Rex sure know how to use his diaper. This sure is one big messy load that he have release into it.

Dino Mom’s Family

Dino Mom's FamilyDraw and everything by ArtieCanvas


Aww looks like this dino have two cute cubs to handle.  But it seems like she can handle it.

Scampers Diapers

Scampers DiapersSo, been wanting to make my own diapers in my universe so here they are:

Scampers brand diapers.
~A style for every cub~

Draw and everything by BabyChrisTheFox


Aww this was a cute little diaper ad for this Scampers brand and it is nice that they use dinosaur print on the diaper.

A happy little cub :) Always nice to wear some cute diapers.

Magnifico Artwork Contest WINNER

Today Bambino Diapers announced the winner in the Magnifico Artwork Contest and the winner whit over 7300 unique votes the winner is Wen M.

Magnifico Artwork Contest WINNERMy ABDL Life also wont to congratulate Wen M for this awesome design that’s is going to be the print on the Magnifico diaper. This is going to be one special ABDL diaper.

CM- Baby Raptor

CM- Baby RaptorSomeone is having some fun at the sandbox x3

Wolf: ScottishRaptor

Draw and text by CuddleHooves


Looks like this cute little wolf have a fun time in the sandbox together whit his raptor plush. I only hope that they play nice together.