Adult baby comic: Supernatural – Daddy Crowley Knows Best

Poor Dean it looks like he is going to be force to be wearing and use this diaper for quite some time now before daddy Crowley decide to let him wear big boy pants again.

Naughty boys

It sure looks like we have a couple of naughty boys here that get some massive spanking on there bare bottom whit a wooden spoon.

Cowboy Cat


Poor boy i think his greatest wish right now is that this game should end now. His spanked bottom sure need to have a long rest now from all this smacking it have received from this cowboy cat.

Just one more level – diaperpailarkham


Wearing diapers during video play time can be a good thing. Special for boys that is to focus on getting to the next level to notes there bladder that tells you that it is time to go visit the potty.

Naughty Kit

Naughty KitNick gets a good paddling from Finnick for his behavior


Yes it sure looks like Nick Wilde style= is receiving a massiv spanking from Finnick style=. Wounder what he have don to deserve something like this?

Poor Nick this seems to hurt allot.