Babyfur Comic: So Much fun (5/7)

Babyfur Comic: So Much fun (5/7)is Chancging time for Kayla and Ellie :)

Comic order by lulshi

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Poor Squirrel it seems like she have a big problem to relax when it comes to public diaper change and it seems like Ellie have starting to lose here patience.

Its going to be nice to see what is going to happen in the next page.

Babyfur Comic: O sonho do bebê, página 6

O sonho do bebê, página 6
After the weight of humiliation began to subside, the urgency to go pee rose again. Yure squeezed his thingy through the diaper, mighty, feeling that a squirt was at the exit. But Vitória pulled his arm, saying:
– Negative! In this household, no girl behaves like a boy!
“What are you talking about?”, Yure wanted to ask. Vitória misunderstood it, thinking that Yure was doing something naughty in public: girls don’t grab themselves like that!
– I’m gonna teach you to not do naughty stuff like that – she said, forcing Yure to bend over and tying his hand-paws.
Unable to use his hand-paws to hold it in, Yure had to use only his willpower to endure the pressure, the problem is that his will was powerless against his urge to wee. The squirt that threatened to flee escaped indeed, but Yure managed to hold the rest in. “It’s the end!”, he thought.

Everything is made by Yure16


Yes i think this cat bladder is going to give away att any minute now and release it content into the waiting diaper.

Should be nice to see what is going to happen then.

Desperate sissy

Desperate sissyDraw and everything by Charry


Looks like this sissy demon finely was enable to cum even if he is wearing a chastity cage that should prevent sexually stimulus.

Who’s my little kit?

Who's my little kit?This is my headcannon. Nick’s bed wetting problem developed when he was younger after being picked on. Finnick found out about Nick’s problem and they used it as inspiration for their next big plan. Since then Finnick has developed a big brother attitude to nick never missing a chance to tease him when they are alone.

Draw and everything by familliar


Poor Nick it seems like Finnick like to tease him about his little night time problems.

Capacity increased

Capacity increasedIt seems that Emeritusterciel prefers to stay wet.

Fox emeritus_terciel

Draw by Skelbely


Yes it pretty sure it looks like this fox like his wet and soggy diaper so instead of changing it he decide to put a new diaper over the soggy one. So now he is double diaper :)

Purr purr purr

Purr purr purrTerry and big sis enjoying each others company. (and yes, terry can purr as well)

Draw and everything by emeritus_terciel


Looking like this two have some nice and cozy time together.

Hope they have some nice relax :)