Cobalt – Fox Bondage (Clean)

Cobalt - Fox Bondage (Clean) Flo isn’t used to getting paid for doing something that brings him pleasure. What can I do with money? I can’t eat it. It smells funny…and not the nice smell, like from a dirty diaper. My momma said I could give the money to her…and I did.

Order by cobaltfox

Draw and text by OverFlo207


Someone understand this story together whit this drawing? This boy sure have a angry look on his face.

Morning Scare

Morning ScareMom scaring Kat during her morning routine.

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


It sure looks like Kat mom scared Kat big time she even ended up wetting here diaper. Good thing it was there to handle the wet accident.

Very bad dog!

Very bad dog!He’s name is Chishio, and he can’t behave.
(and still not potty trained)

Dog Benihime_Shido

Draw and text by Skelbely


Poor dog it seems like he have ended up in a bad situation and someone have decide to bondage him up big time whit a couple of chains and a rope.

His thick diaper is sure going to be very soggy when someone decide to release him from this chains. If she/he decide to change him standing bondage like this.

artie pampered and proud

artie pampered and proudhe’s got the right idea.

Artie the diaperd fox Artie

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes i sure agree whit Arties decision it is match more easy to wear thick and poofy diaper whiteout any pants on and beside no pants in the world can cower up this type of thick diapers any way. Now he can focus on relaxing and be a happy diaperd foxartie pampered and proud.

Kaar Uneasy playtime pair 1

Kaar Uneasy playtime pair 1Renee and Katie getting into a cubby mindset…

well… Katie might need a little help… She seems a little Tense

Draw and everything by catmonkshiro ??


Yes it sure looks Katie seems to be needed a little help but i am not sure whit wat. Or maybe the only thing she need to do right now is to release the content in here bladder but dont have the courage to do that in front of here friend Renee.