Daddy Baltz

Daddy Baltzhehe who I’ve been chatting to and we got on to the subject of designing a “daddy” character for charan hehe soo meet Balthazar a Kodiak bear demon hehe :3 or as I playfully call him “daddy baltz” X’3 of course I misbehave a lot so this kind of scenario is far from unlikely hehe X’P
has soo much fun creating this honestly I couldn’t stop blushing the entire time

Canid and text by Charry

Draw by ursa-mina


Poor little furry it seems like someone have deserve a good and massive spanking on the bare bottom.


urrrkDraw and everything by Charry

Source: Charry


Aww what a cute drawing we have here. Looks like this male have been transferred into a little sissy baby girl.



Here, we have Metro as the strongest basketball team on the region. Featuring strong and swift player, one of the most eye-catching players was Nevo, the puppy with number 1 on his back who always does perfect dribbles and shoots. Nevo always looks nervous when he caught into interviews so that it needed much more effort only just to get a potrait of him.

But all those mysteries became leaked after the days when Metro Team held a match against Mini City. It seemed that one of the opposite team members brought envious aura over the successful Nevo so that he intended to embarrass him. When Nevo was about to do shooting in the middle of the match, he then grabbed Nevo’s shorts and pulled it down hastily. The spectators couldn’t help but being stunned and started to blow some laughter. It is unbelievable that Nevo’s actually still wearing diaper!

The press was full of curiosity and didn’t miss any chances to get the information that the strongest player of Metros, Nevo, was still wearing diaper! It was figured that Nevo actually had a problem so that he had to wear diaper anywhere. Some of the Metros themselves was also astonished after that unexpected phenomenon.
The match was in mess. Feeling disgraced, Nevo then ran outside of the building where the match was held, instead of trying to pull up his shorts again in adjustment to avoid further humiliation.

After that disgraceful incident, Nevo decided to not to show up himself in any matches because of the spread gossip. Therefore, the Mini City Team had been disqualified for their actions over the opponent team.

Draw by Mint

Text by Deruu


Poor Nevo it was not very nice off opposite team members to pull his pants down in the middle of the match so everyone could see that Nevo was still wearing diapers. Now i bet the Mini City i going to have a easy win when Metro Team have lost there top player.

Rivett’s Wondrous Adventure

Rivett's Wondrous AdventureArgi himself and his jackelope Koray as well as my character Rivett! He’s a huge plush monster that transforms people into diapers and plushies! That or diapers them :p depends how he feels at the moment.

Order and diaperfur: Argi

Draw and text by carnival-tricks


Poor Argi it cannot be so match fun to be transformed into a diaper and that someone decided to use that diaper.

Well… crud

Well... crudi suppose that is the negative side effect of multi diapering. The belt to his outfit won’t fit easily XD

Draw and everything by emeritus_terciel


Yes that is the problem that can happen when you decide to wear double diaper.