Babyfur Comic: Your New Bedroom

Your New BedroomOrder by babychloe

Draw by tato


It looks like it is back to baby hood for this girl it is even diaper time when it comes to school.

Big boy diaper for big pup – Little Wusky

even big pup sometime need to wear diapers (ABU Cushies) when it comes to special things and from the look on this boys diaper this was one of time. His diaper is kind of soaked special in the front :)

Diaperfur Comic: o sonho do gigante, página 7

Diaperfur Comic: o sonho do gigante, página 7What have I done…? I… didn’t mean to…

Too full…

Very full…

I’m too big to continue this game. But too big to relieve myself in this planet.

I don’t want to cause any more destruction. Even if just imaginary.


Draw and everything by Yure16


Poor cat it looks like he is very close to have a full bladder release into his awaiting diaper.

This sure looks like it don’t was a good night for this cat.

Midnight cookie heist – Ty the Fox

Looks like this two cubs is up for some midnight snacks. They seems to be a pretty good team during this heist :)

I hope no one found out what they are up to.

Grumpy Skunky!

Grumpy Skunky!Well, Gus clearly isn’t happy with something… Maybe it’s cause he has been told that he’s not grown up enough for potty training. He tryied to argue,saying that there’s smaller kids already in undies, but this just give him a pacifier on his mouth, and the stern look that means “spit it and you’ll earn a visit of mr paddle!”.

If he couldn’t spit it, well, he could make a tantrum… maybe this will show them that he’s grown up enough to start the potty training,and don’t stay in soggy diapers, like this one.

Skunk and text by gus-the-hedgehog

Draw by Charry


Aww poor little Gus. Maybe your parents like to threat you to match like a baby so they dont wont to lose that bay potty training you. Then they could not spend so match special and cozy time whit you any more when you are a big boy.