Gaming Bwos

Gaming Bwos
Nothing better than late night gaming in co-op! x3

Hdofu and Rex hdofu, ReXam-1

Art and story by ReXam-1


Yes gaming night gaming in co-op can be pretty fun special if both plays wears thick diaper so they dont need to have any potty brakes during there playtime.

First day

First day‘Okay class. Be quiet!’
‘I’d like to introduce our new exchange student Oliver from Australia.
He’s going to spend the next few months with us.
Be nice to him, and help him to adapt as soon as possible!

It’s okay sweetie, no one will laugh at you, now sit down!

And now open your textbook at page 47…. ‘

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Poor little Oliver i think someone is going to laugh at this thick diaperd kangaroo lather when the teacher have left the classroom.

Big Baby

Big BabySo…yeah…^///^; Guess you should always check the house before getting padded up huh…

Chris and everything by BabyChrisTheFox


Yes it is always a good thing to check the house before you padded/diaper up speciel if you dont wont them to find out that you still wont to wear diapers.

b…be a good girl for.. da..ddy a good girl for.. da..ddyDraw and everything by Charry


Yes it is always good to be a good girl/boy for daddy or mommy.

A super cute drawing :)

Bed time lil one

Bed time lil oneDaddy Devante_Torlias

Cub and draw by Charry~


Yes this sure looks like a sleepy cub but before he put this little cub down for some sleep. That diaper sure looks like it should be changed.

They look so happy and cute together.