Gaming Time 2

Gaming Time 2as you can see, the bowl is empty, hmm she has a big stomach.

The bunny fennecbunny

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Poor little bunny it dont seems like the video game is working out the way that she is hopping for.

Good thing she is wearing some diaper so she can focus on the game instead of the bladder that have recently release it content into the awaiting diaper.

Demon Bun & Pwoomph Magic

Demon Bun & Pwoomph Magicdon’t mess with crazy old wizards

unless you want to be cursed into pamps for all eternity

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Poor little bunny it seems like he have been curse into wearing diaper by this wizard for all eternity. And it sure looks like something have really grove big inside that diaper to.

I can understand that this bunny is kind of worry now how he should get out of this mess he have ended up in.

Tails In Space 2

Tails In Space 2It would seem Tails didn’t go alone when he went to space, and after his venture outside, he returned to the ship and received a change from Sally~

Order by mysteriousmaskedman

Draw and text by liljdude


Poor little Tails. No need to blush little friend it is safer that you wear diapers now when you have this wet accident all the time.

Swirly Show & Tell

Swirly Show & TellDraw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Poor cat it seems like have have been force to use his diaper a couple of time. Loo  k how soggy it is. I only hope they dont let him develop diaper rash.

Midna’s Malfunction

Midna's MalfunctionIt seems Midna is having some trouble with a changing machine and wound up all backwards.

Midna nekonekodiamata

Draw and text by liljdude


Poor Midna yes it sure looks like it is some big malfunction on this machine. Everything end up on the wrong place on this pore furry.

Tails – Diapering Machine

Tails - Diapering Machinefeaturing Tails at the mercy of a diapering machine~

Order by hex000f

Draw and text by liljdude


Aww poor Tails it seems like this machine have decided that Tails should be back in diapers and be feeding true a baby bottle again. Poor Tails what is going to happen to him.