Shh! The adults are talking little skunk!

Order by CloudPouncer

Draw and above text by Wen


Giggle the adult maybe is talking but all i see is two padded furrys. Where is the adult? ;)

But this sure is a pretty cute drawing :)

Punishment diaper part 1

Punishment diaper part 1


Looks like Kaz got on someone’s bad side and they decided he needed at least a full year of “NaughtyPants Punishment Diapers” to make sure he learns his lesson. For those unfamiliar, NaughtyPants Punishment Diapers are designed to be extra embarrassing, and these enchanted disposables can come with special extra Punishment features.
Of course the most important extra feature is the DiaperTraining add-on. This one will make sure that no matter what he’ll be compelled to only change himself once per day, with about 10 minutes to clean up before putting himself in the next diaper automatically.
The other 2 add-ons are pretty humiliating too of course. Though the main difference from those listed on the website is that DiaperSlut, is set to force him to orgasm every time he uses his diaper.

Order by restitution69

Draw and above text by BabyStar


It seems like someone is going to have one special year here. The strange thing about this that it dont seems to bother him match that he is binge force back to diapers again.

Have he already accept his fate?





Draw by Nieve


Always nice to get some help when it comes to diaper change. But way do he needs to be bondage?

Maybe it is because of the special attention he is receiving.

There’s an app for that 24

There's an app for that 24

TheGamerXL Own’s his character Alex

Other character centzon

Draw by catmonkshiro


Sure looks like this was a pretty close call here that the laser hit him.

Good thing that he manage to escape it :)



Aha!, what are you doing?

The furry belongs to lilythelynx

Draw and above text by ConejoBlanco


Awww looks like someone is trying to sneak herself some cookie in the kitchen. But it sure seems like she got caught :(

So what is going to happen now? Is the going to receive a spanking?

Wet in class

Wet in classLooks like someone is having a few problems in class and could use a hand.

Draw and everything by familliar


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Awww poor thing looks like it is time for someone to take a trip to the school nurse and get his diaper changed.

I think it should be even more humiliated to end up whit a leaking diaper in the classroom.