Sunbathing Summers

Sunbathing Summers
Here we have Sapphire out in her hammock relaxing and resting after a long day of herding sheep and working on the farm~ Seems as though her caretaker decided to put her into her special overnite sheepherding diapers hence the extra poof! Oh well she might be clean for now but that relaxing will result in her being quite the soaked doggy~. But for now she can sunbathe and relax after a long day!.

Sapphire and text by bestsage

Draw by airwolf1987

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Yes it sure seems like Sapphire sure have a relaxing time in the hammock and i agree whit the caretaker that wearing a good thick diaper sure is kind of nice and good. Now she can only focus about relaxing and having a good time outside relaxing.

Bucks in the rut

Bucks in the rutA couple of bucks in a rut, and sharing like all good friends do.

Order by Phenris18

Draw and text by Skelbely

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Yes it sure seems like this two have some nice time together. Wearing some thick wet diapers that hide there chastity cages ;)

Good thing there are in the forest so no one can see what there are up to.


GrumpGrump belongs to GeechiGeechiGooIluvU

Draw by plinkiepoi

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Awww it sure looks like someone is kind of grumpy today :( Maybe the reason for that is that he have sure ended up whit one kind of soggy well used diaper here. He sure should get some serious thought about changing that diaper. It sure looks like it is pretty close to what it can handle. But i sure bet that kind of soggy diaper feels kind of nice between his legs.

Time out

Time outThe blushing deer: GeechiGeechiGooIluvU

Draw by Tropicana

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Awww poor deer i sure wounder way he have ended up in the time out corner? Maybe it is because he have ended up whit a messy stinky diaper?

That poor thing accident can sure happen and that is nothing you should be punish for. Even less if you are wearing your diaper like a good deer.

Intense training

Intense trainingDraw and everything by Charry

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Awww poor thing looks like he have some hard thing here to handle and it even seems like he have ended up whit a spanking before that :( Poor thing he sure dont look so happy about this situation at all and i can sure understand that :)

Late Night Gaming

Late Night GamingAfter a long tough week, Ronnie just needed to cub out for a fun summer Friday night with some gaming, snacks, and his loyal wolf plush companion, Fenrir. Nothing better to unwind and shake off all the unwanted grown up concerns!

But it looks like it’s way past his bedtime, now… ^^’

Ronnie and text by Lil-Ronnie

Draw by Wen

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But at least it sure seems like he fall asleep pretty happy :)

He sure looks kind of cute sleeping whit that pacifier :)