Baby powder scented bags – diaperfox25

Sounds like have found some really good bags that can handle the stinky diapers :)

Soggy Northshore diaper – diaperfox25

The diaper sure look good on this diaper wearier :) And it seems like he have been a good boy to :)

The aftermath – diaperfox25

Wow this boy sure seems to have one squishy diaper butt right now. It sure looks like it is time for a diaper change now.

One sagging ABU Super Dry Kids – diaperfox25

Wow it sure seems like sure have putting his ABU Super Dry Kids to some pretty good use here. It sure have ended up pretty soggy and is sagging allot now between his legs. It sure looks like the diaper is super close to its limits now. Maybe he should start thinking about a diaper change before it starting to leak?

Soaked a dry 24/7 in less than 10 hours – diaperfox25

This diaper boy sure is proud to show how good he is to use his dry 24/7 diaper :) He have completely use this diaper to its limits.